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"Nothing hurts worse than getting sucker-punched with your guard down," TreeBoy writes in his latest BPR. "Cardinalmaniacs wanted to believe that this time around would be different. ... [But] the cruel hand of fate had other ideas and Stanford's volatile postseason stock took a nose dive." What else does TreeBoy say about the Card, and all the other Pac-10 squads? Read on!

Below are our exclusive BootPowerRatings of the Pac-10 Conference. Each week during the football season, we will release our secret formula rating all the Pac-10 teams. The BootPowerRating (BPR) is calculated by utilizing a range of factors rumored to include: past results, statistics, common-opponent comparative results, strength-of-schedule, home-stadium environment, cheerleader attitude and an unrevealed school spirit multiplier. The resulting rating score falls within a 1-100 scale, where 100 approximates a Rose Bowl-bound team and a score of 1 is somewhere south of D-1.

 1. USC  94 (Last: 93)

The only question heading into the scrimmage in Pullman was how many points Pom Pom would rack up before he called off the dogs.  The answer was "41," as the Trojans were content to let the clock run out in the first half despite having the ball at the two with 30 seconds left.  I wonder if that was even more insulting than trying to score?  In this era of offensive gluttonery in college football, $C's 7.8 points allowed per game is nothing short of remarkable. Well, Oregon State remained unimpressed.

2. Arizona 83 (Last: 79)

Similar Wildcat teams in the past have tended to fold when faced with the kind of adversity they were staring at last Saturday night.  Maybe this year is different after all.  Maybe this is the season they break their ten-year bowl drought.  It would be a fitting end for senior Willie Tuitama, who currently holds every meaningful passing record at Tucson Tech, and more importantly, just might be enough success for the Boot Computer Analyst to stop lying about where he graduated from.

3. Oregon 82 (Last: 82)

Besides spending copious amounts of time in the recovery room, Soregon spent their week off trying to shore up a secondary that has not lived up to preseason expectations.  It would seem that the Ducks employ the Bend-and-Break defensive strategy, as their opponents' 96% success rate in the red zone demonstrates.  Belotti and Co. will find out if the Spam Devils have any fight left in them as they trek down to the desert this Saturday.

4. Oregon State 81 (Last: 81)

His younger brother might have the flashier name and get more publicity, but older bro James needed only three carries to do what Jacquizz couldn't with 20; break 100.  Sibling rivalries aside, this is not the same River Rat team that didn't belong on the field at Penn State just five short weeks ago.  Having already played (and beaten) the conference juggernaut, OSU has the second-most realistic case for a Rose Bowl berth.

5. kal 77 (Last: 84)

Clearly the weenies don't have the running game to match their hated rivals, as they could only muster 120 yards against 'Zona, half of them on one play.  This was the least of their problems, as their ten-point halftime lead vaporized in a span of six minutes, no doubt eliciting the rage of Coach Tedford for one of his vintage post game tirades.  This year's battle over who stole the fight song from whom takes place in Strawberry Canyon, as kal welcomes fellow UC school EL Lay.

6. Stanford 76 (Last: 83)

Nothing hurts worse than getting sucker-punched with your guard down.  Cardinalmaniacs wanted to believe that this time around would be different.  All the signs pointed to our first win in Pasadena since guys named Bookman and Mitchell roamed the backfield.  The cruel hand of fate had other ideas and Stanford's volatile postseason stock took a nose dive.  If there is one thing you can count on from The Farm, it's that every year they will lose a game they shouldn't and also win one they shouldn't.  Stay tuned.

7. Arizona State 66 (Last: 69)

If ASU doesn't find a way to pitchfork the Ducks, it would be nigh impossible for them to play a 13th game, even with the Washington schools still left to slaughter.  Not bowling would be a huge disappointment to Tempe residents, and just might show that Dennis Erickson's best days are behind him.  Rumor has it that Slick Rick has offered him a recruiting assistant position should he choose to opt out early.

8. UCLA  59 (Last: 53)  

Kevin Craft might be the toughest hombre in the country.  He consistently weathers repeated physical abuse due to his green offensive line, and maybe more mental abuse yet from his unstable core of coaches. But whereever he gets his motivation, he culled just enough to lead the Baby Blues on a game-winning touchdown drive, finding his tight end with ten seconds remaining.  There are no guarantees that he will finish the season as the starter (or be in one piece), but for now, he is the King of Westwood.

9. Washington 24 (Last: 28)

Tyrone's Terriers don't have much to play for as this season heads to a merciful end, but this Saturday's game against Neutered Dame just might be a final shot at personal redemption for the Kennel Master.   It will be a telling sign if "his" players come out inspired and perform new tricks, or if they continue to roll over and play dead.  By "telling," I mean "if they have any hope of avoiding a winless season."  Conflicted Booties wonder what type of outcome would lead to the most gratification.

10. Washington State 17 (Last: 21)

Paul Wulff thought he was moving up in the college football world, but shortly after his first practice with his new team, he realized he had taken a step down.  Still showing no discernable signs of improvement, one wonders how the head man keeps up the team's spirits amidst a season so putrid, it will no doubt go into the Pac X record books as the benchmark for futility.  His job is still more secure than Tyrone's, if only because no one else desires it.

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