BootPowerRatings™ - 10/29

TreeBoy is not a candidate for the UW coaching job, but he is back for this week's BootPowerRatings™. Arizona State continues its plunge, Oregon rises and the Washington schools trade off the nine and ten positions.

Below are our exclusive BootPowerRatings of the Pac-10 Conference. Each week during the football season, we will release our secret formula rating all the Pac-10 teams. The BootPowerRating (BPR) is calculated by utilizing a range of factors rumored to include: past results, statistics, common-opponent comparative results, strength-of-schedule, home-stadium environment, cheerleader attitude and an unrevealed school spirit multiplier. The resulting rating score falls within a 1-100 scale, where 100 approximates a Rose Bowl-bound team and a score of 1 is somewhere south of D-1.

 1. USC  92 (Last: 94)

No one can question that this version of Peter's Punishers has a stifling defense, but lately their offense has looked downright mediocre.  They didn't miss a beat when Norm Chow left, but so far Lane Kiffin's absence seems noticeable.  It won't matter if their opponents can't score more than ten points though, a feat only accomplished by those lovable Beavs.  No chance UW pulls that trick in Compton this Saturday, and one is left to ponder if they will have a better showing than the Cougs.

2. Oregon 86 (Last: 82)

Jeremiah Masoli seems to have taken command of the quarterback spot for Team Nike, but everyone knows he is just a knee tweak away from triggering another second-half collapse in Autzenville.  The last two times the Quackers were ranked, they celebrated by losing the very next week.  Will this time be different?  Can the pollsters be fooled thrice?  Tune in Saturday to find out the answers to these and other pressing questions!

3. Oregon State 81 (Last: 81)

It's been relatively quiet in Corvallis with no newsworthy items hitting the wire, so Riley is either doing a good job of keeping his boys occupied or a better job of covering up their indiscretions.  Speaking of indiscretions, the Beavs welcome back starting left tackle Tavita Thompson after serving his one-year suspension for using a banned substance to melt away excess pounds.  Still speaking of indiscretions, OSU fans are preparing a warm welcome for beleaguered former coach Dennis Erickson as they await his return to Reser.

4. Arizona 80 (Last: 83)

"Air Zona" was having severe mechanical issues last Saturday night and never did pull away from the tarmac.  Held to only eight yards of passing in the second half, it's surprising the felines were able to stay within a TD, and probably frustrating all the more.  With head man Mike running out of family members to hire and pin blame on, the dream of playing a bowl game in January instead of December rests on the shoulders of the players.

5. kal 79 (Last: 77)

The cure for a battered defense is a punchless offense, and that's just what the weenies got in their victory over UCLA.  The Barely Bear offense isn't much to brag about either, but they do have their workhorse tailback galloping around with no injury issues.  A win at home against Whoregon is a must if they want to keep their dim Rose Bowl hopes flickering.

6. Stanford 76 (Last: 76)

It had been two months since Stanford fans didn't have a game to dissect and disseminate, and with a lackluster opponent on the horizon, there is a general feeling of malaise surrounding The Farm.  Hopefully the players are eager to get back on the field and take out some anger after the UCLA debacle, and Vegas is betting they are with a 30 point spread.  The BootComputer is putting the over/under on the Cards rushing yards at 340.  Place your bets now.

7. Arizona State 60 (Last: 66)

The downward spiral continues in Ericksonland.  Since their overtime loss to the Running Reb's, AS-Who? has lost five games in a row, failing to be competitive in the process.  That courtesy would have been appreciated by the diehards who had to suffer through the latest indignity, a 54-point defensive surrender on their home turf, coming off a bye week, no less.  Despite Carpenter's injury-induced ineffectiveness, no one seems to be calling for No. 7 Jr. to step in and save the day.

8. UCLA  55 (Last: 59)  

Having limited his penchant for throwing picks a week earlier against Stanford, Kevin Craft made up for it in a big way against that other Northern California team.  Four first-half interceptions (two returned to paydirt) and several other miscues had Bruin fans flashing back to the opener against Tennessee.  There would be no second-half turnaround this time, and Craft was eventually removed in favor of Forcier the Younger.  A microcosm of the game was a 22-yard fake punt gain on 4th and 23.

9. Washington State 17 (Last: 17)

The BootComputer was feeling merciful this week as Wazzu, for no other reason than not losing last week, has someone to look down on.  Since their fate is mostly out of their control, I promise to keep them in the nine slot if they don't allow any more opponents to crack the 60 mark.  If that seems unreasonable, I will at least keep them here for one more week, provided Yoo Dub loses by more than 69 at $C.

10. Washington 16 (Last: 24)

The only remaining suspense in the Huskies season was wether or not Tyrone's players had truly quit on him.  We got our answer rather quickly, and it was a resounding "Yes."  In what was their last chance to salvage some dignity for their soon-to-be former head coach, the Pups played their worst all around game of the year, and the BootComputer is putting them in the cellar for that effort.  SInce the UW Athletic Department is into releasing meaningless statements, I would like to state for the record that I am taking my name out of the coaching search.

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