Montana Preview

Get set for perhaps the best field you'll ever see in the Stanford Invitation, as the Card host Montana, Pepperdine and Richmond these next two nights. Stanford hosts Mike Montgomery's old friends from the Big Sky tonight, as Montana invades Maples. Read on for a preview of the visiting Griz.

Montana @ Stanford
tonight 7 pm (PST) tip-off (approx.)

To say Montana is a team trying to find itself is an understatement. The Grizzlies come into Maples with a 3 – 6 record. In their first 9 games new Grizzly coach Pat Kennedy has started 10 different players. Montana can play big or small and will play 9 players double digits minutes. Lots of playing time and a chance to start makes for spirited and competitive practices. A new coach, new system and lots of lineup combinations I am sure makes the Grizzlies a tough opponent to scout right now.

The wings seem to be the key to the offense. David Bell, Kevin Criswell and Steve Horne will rotate the two positions. Bell and Criswell are stand up shooters who you can't let get in a rhythm. The can go off for 25 to 30 any given night. Horne is more of a slasher, can create off the dribble and is very good in transition.

Sam Riddle and Derrick Mansell man the point. Riddle runs the club a bit better and has a better assist to turnover ratio. Mansell may be quicker and looks to score more. They split time pretty evenly.

Marcus Rosser, Victor Ventors, Ryan Pederson, Chris McKay, Mike Chavez and Corey Easley team as a six headed monster down low. Rosser is a wide body. He leads the team in rebounding and averages 7 points per game. These guys are very blue collar and have 30 fouls to give. Stanford will have some black and blue marks after the game. Play good D, rebound and get the ball to the wings is their motto.

On offense this team runs a flex. Very wing oriented. Criswell, Bell and Horne account for 60 % of their shots and 65 % of their points.

On defense Montana runs a 1-3-1 zone. They zone press in both the full and half court. The Grizzlies will play hard and make Stanford work for their points. The Cardinal may try to force the ball inside and get Montana into foul trouble. Rosser is the key player down low. The others can eat fouls if Montana wants to play hack a post.

Keys to The Game

  • Good perimeter defense (defend the three)
  • Patience on offense
  • Score in transition
  • Make free throws

The Grizzlies

Starters (My best guess)

PG 10 Derrick Mansell 6-2 190 Jr 5.0 ppg 2.2 apg
G 20 David Bell 6-1 175 Sr 15.8 ppg 2.7 rpg
G 12 Kevin Criswell 6-1 185 Fr 15.0 ppg 3.7 apg
F 33 Marcus Rosser 6-7 230 Sr 7.0 ppg 7.8 rpg
F 55 Victor Venters 6-8 220 Jr 3.4 ppg 2.6 rpg

** Bell and Venters are from Oakland and Berkeley respectively and Mansell is from Costa Mesa.

The Bench

PG 4 Sam Riddle 6-0 185 Jr 2.2 ppg 3.5 apg
W 34 Steve Horne 6-6 190 Jr 10.9 ppg 4.1 rpg
F/C 44 Ryan Pederson 6-9 215 Jr 3.1 ppg 2.4 rpg
C 54 Chris McKay 6-11 235 Fr 2.0 ppg 1.7 rpg
F 30 Mike Chavez 6-7 210 Fr 2.1 ppg 2.2 rpg
F 52 Corey Easley 6-8 220 Fr 1.3 ppg 1.0 rpg

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