Carpe Diem: "Time For A Change!"

If you aren't familiar with the Carpe Diem Sports Academy in Southern California, perhaps you should be. The crusade of former Stanford SS Eliel Swinton, one of The Bootleg's all-time favorite guys, is a series of programs for youth, with a focus on building skills in athletics, academics and citizenship. Pretty cool if you ask us. Spread the word! Help make a difference in a young person's life.


Booties - Just wanted to make you aware of a very cool program former Stanford safety Eliel Swinton has going on in Southern California. We say "former safety" even though many of you will recall that Eliel played each and every one of the four positions in the Cardinal secondary as a freshman in 1993 when he was named Most Outstanding Freshman among the members of Walsh II's first signing class. Originally from West Hills, CA and a star student-athlete at Montclair Prep, dude rushed for 5,904 yards and 67 touchdowns in high school. Not bad, in fact at the time it was the third-most in California history at the time. He finished as the all-time greatest rusher in the history of the San Fernando Valley! While he battled injuries and had to overcome other adversity in college, E was a fixture as a starter and popular leader on our Liberty Bowl and Sun Bowl teams of 1995 and 1996. 

But that is just Swinton the football player (#9). His unique personality shines above the formidable skillset that allowed him to exceed on the football field. "E" is one of The Bootleg's all-time favorites, a sparkling, indomitable spirit whose ready smile and boundless energy has charmed everyone from college classmates to co-eds, from little kids an future All-American student-athletes. It once earned him a starring role in the popular movie Varsity Blues. Put it this way, we all run into old friends and teammates on a regular basis, but one is always especially fired up to see Eliel "The Real Deal" Swinton and catch up on his continuing crusade for developing young people. 

This 33-year-old pioneer is making it happen as an entrepreneur and an inspiration and mentor to young people, the sort of kids that can really use encouragement and guidance as they make their way through lives often filled with complex challenges and little advice. He is giving kids a chance to beat the odds and become great student-athletes with futures in athletics and academics. Oh, and he is representing the Cardinal in a big way while he is at it! We all know how bright and talented young kids can be influenced favorably at a young age!

Next time we consider donating funds to build a new Women's Lightweight Illegal Alien Tandem Ballroom Dance facility, perhaps we should consider whether our dollars wouldn't be better spent helping fund the dream of youngsters deserving a guiding light like Carpe Diem's sports academies, which are far more that mere sports skills camps.

Sound like a ringing endorsement? You bet. And no he did NOT ask or angle for this promotion of his camps. We are doing it without even telling him. If you know any families in the greater LA are that would have an interest in these programs or if you would like to show your support in these tough economic times, please contact Coach E @ or visit the website at 

Below is the copy he sent out to folks recently along with a flier for his Winter Session called "Building Blocks"



CPD's Baller Training school's Winter Session- Entitled "BUILDING BLOCKS"

We will all be meeting TOGETHER @ Crespi HS @ 10am....All ages and all parents - EVERYONE!

As always, we will be conducting our combine and writing our new Dreams and Goals for 2009. Don't forget to bring your folder and something to write with!

Weekly schedule for weeks 2-9 (every season)



10:00am- Team Meeting (7th through 12th - mandatory and must be on time)

11:00am- On the Field (7th through 12th)

2:00pm- Team Meeting (1st-6th grade - mandatory)

2:30pm- On the Field (1st-6th)

As a company, we understand that money is tight for most people right now and this is one of the reasons we became a non-profit. We get subsidized by major corporations and generous benefactors thus allowing us to give HUGE discounts to our families. Our mentorship, nutrition and tutoring program gives us a charitable distinction which means lower prices for you and we still provide the necessary information needed in order to raise a successful student-athlete both on and off the field.

As a Stanford University graduate, I feel it's about time a qualified group of adults stand up and educate the masses on how the upper echelon of our society are being developed mentally at a young age. Although the nutritional, speed, football and mental information that we give does not have to cost a fortune, the information our parents & youths will receive will be invaluable to survive in these changing times of the world.

Our 1-year Membership is $900 and includes (36 Sessions on Sunday):

Team Meeting-Fellowship Film review Leadership and Character training Tutoring Mentor and "tour guide" for family 24/7 College Coach and Nutritionist available during lectures and via email Speed and agility training Football fundamentals Home and class study techniques and more. Compare our prices to our competitors in the area-

15 Sessions=$1000

10 Session=$1300

Pretty step, when most of these boys aren't going professional, right?

SEE YOU THIS SUNDAY 9:30am Breakfast

-Coach E 

aka Eliel Swinton, Stanford University Class of 1997

P.S. Remember all ages 'Team Meetings' starts at 10am!!!

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