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Take a look at Jeff Fawcett's latest installment of the 2008-09 BootPowerRatings™ (BPRs) for Pac-10 hoops as we move deeper into the second half of play in the conference. Will a trip to the desert be a real or fake oasis for the LA programs? How will the Washington schools fare at home versus the Oregon duo? Who will win Round Two of the Bay Area Battle? Check out our BPRs!

With the home stretch under way it's looking like six teams fighting for NCAA berths, three teams with long shot chances at .500, and one team just looking for a win. Not all remaining schedules are created equal, however. Stanford and Oregon State have played seven home games, Washington and ASU just four thus far. Home teams are 29-25 in conference, but that includes Oregon's 0-6. 29-19 is a better measure of home court advantage. So kal with six home games already looks the most vulnerable of the top group, but Arizona and ASU are the only teams to be done with the Oregons, so their schedules are the toughest.

Team of the week is UCLA, who chalked up their third and fourth straight 15+ point victories by unwrapping the Trojans and wasting the Irish.

Below are our exclusive BootPowerRatings™ of the Pac-10 conference. Each week during the basketball season, we will release our secret-formula rating of all teams of the Pac-10. The BootPowerRating™ (BPR) is calculated by utilizing a wide range of factors rumored to include: past results, statistics, common-opponent comparative results factor, strength-of-schedule, home-venue environment, cheerleader attitude and an unrevealed school spirit multiplier. The resulting rating score falls within a 1-100 scale, where 100 approximates a championship-bound team and a score of 1 is somewhere south of D-1.

Pac-10 BootPowerRatings
As of 2/12/09

1. UCLA (8-2, 19-4)
Here we go again. Once again the conference is theirs to lose. Looked scary good, as in 44-21 and 46-30 halftime leads. Alfred Aboya of all people was a dominant force in both games. Make that DOMINANT, as he made two of the nation's best interior scorers look awful. Taj Gibson: 1-2 shooting, two points, four rebounds. Luke Harangody: 2-12, five points, one lone rebound. Harangody averages 24 and 13 and is a lock for Big East Player of the Year. Shooting .500 from the field and an impressive .436 from "three" in conference play. Toughest roadie of the year on deck, tonight's revenge game at ASU is must-see TV. Polls:8.5 Sagarin:14 RPI:25  [Bruin Report Online]
2. Washington (8-3, 17-6)
Soundly beaten by the Weenies, as Brockman was held basketless and the little guys went 2-12 from deep. Unfortunately Stanford's defense cures all ills as still another streak came to an end, this time it was their 15 straight loses at Maples. The announcer's Isaiah Thomas love-fest is getting old however. Can I point out he has taken the second most shots in the conference, gets just two assists per game, and is shooting 43% from the floor? Not that I wouldn't take him, Jrue Holiday is a better overall player and the better choice as frosh of the year, not to mention he has a far more original name. Massacres of the two Oregons at home up next. Polls:25 Sagarin:23 RPI:19  []
3. Arizona St. (7-4, 18-5)
Took care of business on the road, allowing a combined total 95 points to UO and OSU. Ty Abbott continued his quest for the worst shooting season in conference history with a 1-12 weekend from deep. He is now an unfathomable 3-38 on threes, after going 22-73 out of conference and 35% last year. Waiting for the announcement that he accidently switched his left and right contact lenses two months ago. The other guys are doing their best to make up for him. Harden leads the Pac in scoring and steals, Pendergraph in FG%, Glasser leads in FT% and is second in assists. Devil Dome will be rocking tonight for the Bruins. Polls:18 Sagarin:20 RPI:38  []
4. USC (6-4, 15-7)
Ouch. Coach Floyd, you just got owned by Coach Howland (or pwned for you folks who like that overused "word"). Wheels came off early in the game that was supposed to make USC's season, followed by the doors, wipers, and roof. When your opponent more than doubles you up at halftime, you've been outcoached. This team seems to get out of synch frequently. Part of that is due to numerous nagging injuries and illnesses and starters forced to play big minutes, part of it is the fact that Lil' Romeo is a terrible nickname for a basketball player. Frosh DeRozan is the only one with the NBA type talent to score when the offense is mucked up. Note that he is hitting 56% from the field, Gibson is 54%, yet the 38% shooting Dwight Lewis takes 13 shots a game to their nine each. Haven't played in eight days and face the tough Arizona duo on the road. Does the long rest heal their wounds or add rust? On the theory that age is bad for condoms, methinks they are in trouble. Polls:NR Sagarin:38 RPI:40  [SCPlaybook]
5. California (7-4, 18-6)
Toughest team in the league to figure out, da Bears clearly play better with the smell of cannabis in the air as they move to 5-1 at home after sweeping their home stand. That makes them a perfect 4-0 against the state of Washington, continuing a Monty tradition. Hard to believe their only home loss is to OSU, here's hoping #2 is Saturday against The Beloveds. Polls:34.5 Sagarin:25 RPI:27  [The Bear Insider]
6. Arizona (6-5, 16-8)
Two weeks ago we wrote here that "this is a very dangerous 2-5 team." Hope you bettors listened, as they are now 6-5 in conference. Budinger and Hill are challenging Harden and Pendergraph for "best 1-2 punch," must avoid looking ahead to UCLA and take care of USC first. Hadn't won a game outside of Arizona this season until the Oregon sweep. Polls:39 Sagarin:47 RPI:54  []
7. Washington St. (4-7, 12-11)
Competitive, but still chalked up two losses on trip to the Bay. Get only 14 points a game from everyone outside their top three, which is pretty horrible. Too many non-athlete names are the problem. Even their good guys are Taylor, Aron, and Klay, which are clearly boy band names that will never strike fear in opponents. Throw in two more starters named Caleb and Daven and this team just can't be taken seriously. A week vs. the weak should take care of the losing streak. Polls:NA Sagarin:71 RPI:96  []
8. Stanford (4-7, 15-7)
Splitting at home against the teams from The Great White North isn't bad, but the last 3 minutes against the Huskies left a warm Corona taste in the mouth. Took out some frustrations against hapless CSB Tuesday, which unfortunately is not the College of South Bend. Landry Fields had his third double-double against UW, our skinny little boy has grown up and out. A .500 conference record is still possible, but it absolutely requires beating kal Saturday. Valentine's Day game, clearly a team wearing cardinal has an edge. Polls:NR Sagarin:57 RPI:87  []
9. Oregon St. (4-7, 10-12)
Four-game winning streak comes to a halt like a JATO rocket car hitting a cliff. Tough three-point loss to Arizona is followed by a gruesome 49-38 loss to ASU, also at home. Since torching the Cardinal ole D for 77 points they've gone for 65, 57, 53, and 38. Normally we'd expect about 33 next game, except they face the run-and-gun Romarulans. Not inconceivable that they end the year on a nine-game losing streak, but that is kind of like those polls asking "do you think Obama is doing a good job as President" while he was still saying the oath. Polls:NR Sagarin:141 RPI:168  []
10. Oregon (0-11, 6-17)
Still winless in 2009, it is time to revive last year's quotes about losing that accompanied Oregon State. Let's see, how about one from an appropriate source, coach Rod Marinelli of the Detroit Lions: "But it comes down to scoring touchdowns in the red zone – that's big for us, and we didn't do that. Red zone, both sides of the ball, and third downs." In other words, first and second downs, between the 20s, we were ok. Ernie Kent should use this. "We were outstanding early in the shot clock, in the midcourt area." Polls:NR Sagarin:153 RPI:149  [eDuck]

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