'10 Unwrapped: Courtney Avery

While on a visit to Stanford this past weekend, 2010 cornerback Courtney Avery (Lexington, Ohio) committed to the Cardinal. Read on for some background information, words from Avery himself, and just what about Stanford sold the Ohio prospect on coming to the Bay Area.

Stanford was the only BCS school offer Courtney Avery reported in a Sunday night interview with TheBootleg.com, though he was generating interest from major local programs. Plus, Avery reported an offer from, seemingly, every MAC school within a 300-mile radius of Lexington, a rural town about halfway between Cleveland and Columbus: Ball State, Toledo, Bowling Green, Ohio, Central Michigan and Akron.

Academically, Avery reports a GPA of approximately 3.7. He says he scored a 21 on the ACT, which he plans on retaking in June.

"I want go and get my score as high as I can get it, until I'm maxed out," he told The Bootleg in a Sunday night interview.

By committing so early to the Cardinal, Avery, the Ohio Cardinal Conference Offensive Player of the Year, has the chance to serve as another de facto recruiter for the Card. It's an opportunity players like Shayne Skov and Terrence Stephens employed to devastating effect last year.

"I talked to [linebacker Evan Palelei] from Las Vegas, before he committed, just about how great it was and that we were both going to commit," Avery said. "It's hard to get people around here interested in Stanford, but anyone I met on my visit and the people that are visiting, I'll be in their ear."

Avery's high school coach B.J. Payne specifically praised Avery's quickness, cutting ability and character in an earlier interview with Scout.com. Perhaps Payne should have mentioned confidence too, as Avery's final words to this reporter will likely bring a smile on the faces of the Cardinal faithful:

"We're on the rise," Avery promised. "We're going to be competing for Pac-10 Championships, and getting into bowl games and the BCS."

Without further ado then, here is the rest of the interview with Courtney Avery, in his own words:

On his Stanford visit:
"We flew out there Thursday night, and Thursday to Saturday, we were just busy, busy. We took a tour of the campus. It's just beautiful. It just blows your mind. The environment blows your mind.

Everyone is close-knit, like a family, which is kind of like my high school, where the athletes are cool with the students, the students are cool with everyone and everyone is cool with the teachers. That's what I liked about Stanford also.

On the coaches:
I committed when I sat down and talked to Coach Harbaugh. He was real encouraging on the practice field, real engaged and got the team riled up. I just saw how he treated players, like they were his own. That's how my coach is here. We have a great relationship. He treats me just like I'm one of his sons. I feel like Coach Harbaugh will do the same thing for me.

… Definitely, the coaching staff is like the staff I have here [at Lexington]. We can joke around, but then when it's time for X's and O's, you hit it hard and can be serious. You can't just be serious all the time, 24/7, so that really attracted me. It really reminded me of home, even though it's so far away.

On committing:
I told Coach Harbaugh, ‘Today, I feel that everyone's a family here and close-knit, and the football program is definitely on the rise, and I want to be a part of it.' I told him I was verbally committing. He got a big smile and just jumped up and shook hands.

On what else he saw on his visit:
I stayed with Delano Howell. He was a great host. I can tell we're going to become great friends. We spent most of the day together. We went around, we ate and we just walked around campus. He was pretty popular there, talking to pretty much everyone who passed, whether they were a regular student, a swimmer or whoever. I really liked that all the students and athletes hung out together. The students were not jealous of the athletes. The athletes don't get special treatment. Everyone's just a student there. I really like that – the whole close-knit thing.

At night, we went out to [the row house] Bob, and got to meet a lot of other athletes and talk to girls and such. [Laughs.] With the schoolwork and the athletics, you need some social time too.

As TheBootleg.com hears the latest on Courtney Avery – and who some of his future teammates might be, we will report it here. Stay tuned!

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