Stanford-Cal Big Meet

A preview of the Big Meet on Saturday and Bob Kinder's predictions of the Men's and Women's results.

The switch several years ago from early May to a mid-April Meet and the fact that both schools have held back athletes makes it very hard to forecast the Big Meet.

It's hard to tell without inside knowledge who is hurt and can't run and who has been held back. And, like other Stanford T & F fans, I hope that a few Footballers now done with Spring practice might show up. Nevertheless, it is fun to see and write about Stanford's only Dual Meet, a relic of the past, and a Meet that the athletes still get extremely excited about.

I'll do my best to list the events by expected order of finish, so those who will attend can follow the meet and the score. It's predicted to be 80 degrees with no wind, so come out and enjoy. We will have a special guest from the East - littlewilly1, a real Track fan will be in attendance. His first Big Meet was in the mid 30's, that 1930's for us kids. Come by and meet Bill, if you can.

The Men:

  • Hammer: Stanford has 3 fine throwers, Cal none although outstanding Discus thrower Maric might throw. Still looks like Stanford begins the meet with a sweep, 9-0.
  • Steeplechase: Stanford has 3 fine runners here, but like Cal, no one has run it yet. Ghebray of Cal is a very good distance runner who would not place in the Mile, so we might see him here. Stanford runners have PR's from 8:59 to 9:07, all good times. I'll say 8-1 Stanford.
  • Long Jump: Bradley of Stanford is the class of the field at 24-7. Munabi and Otto of Stanford are not on the team or they could go 2-3. But that's in the past, so Cal takes 2-3. Stanford 5-4.

Running Score: Stanford 22, Cal 5

  • 4 X 100 Relay: Cal has 3 fine sprinters and 3 fine hurdlers and a best of 41.18. Stanford has a best of 41.25 without their top sprinter Fisicaro. I have to go with time and depth, Cal wins 5-0.

Running Score: Stanford 22, Cal 10

  • Javelin: Young of Cal is awesome, a 250-foot thrower. Maric is great in all the weight events, so an easy 1-2 for Cal. Stanford's Dysick is a 16-11 pole vaulter, but gets the edge here over Cal's multi-event star Mills-Bunje. Cal 8-1.

Running Score: Stanford 23, Cal 18

  • High Jump: Another superior athlete for Cal in Ed Wright, a 7-3 jumper. Carmichael and Mills-Bunje 2-3 for a Cal sweep, 9-0.

Running Score: Stanford 23, Cal 27

  • Shot Put: Stanford's freshman Tabor and Cal's Maric will fight for second behind Cal's Kowalsky. 8-1 Cal.

Running Score: Stanford 24, Cal 35

  • 1500: This is going to be a fantastic race with 2 Cal runners and 3 Stanford runners in the 4:00-4:05 range. Garrett Heath and Michael Coe of Cal could run the 1500 in the sub 3:42 range, or better than 4-minute miles. Since they will probably double, it'll be a run and kick race instead. My favoritism wins here, Heath over Coe with Matusak of Cal 3rd. Stanford 5-4.

Running Score: Stanford 29, Cal 39

  • 110 High Hurdles: Bradley of Stanford is the school record holder and has a recent 13.55 with just over the legal wind. Paul of Cal ran 13.78 at Stanford in March. Bradley and Paul 1-2. Jackson of Stanford has a 14.32 this year, but Burney of Cal and Holmes of Cal have PR's of 13.95 and 14.05 respectively, so Cal 3rd. Stanford 5-4.

Running Score: Stanford 34, Cal 43

  • 400: Stanford sensational freshman Amaechi Morton is the class, with last year's Stanford freshman sensation Dargie challenging Morton. Wethington of Cal edges Chandy of Stanford for 3rd. Stanford 8-1.

Running Score: Stanford 42, Cal 44

  • 100: If Fisicaro runs it will be a key to the meet as he would challenge Cal. Without him, Cal sweeps 9-0.

Running Score: Stanford 42, Cal 53

  • 800: Six runners with bests of 1:49 to 1:51. Three from each school. A very key event as one team could sweep. Coe of Cal could also run in this event. My (hopeful) thought: Stanford's Garrett Heath edges Carey of Cal with Stanford's Ferris 3rd. Stanford 6-3.

Running Score: Stanford 48, Cal 56

  • Discus: Another classic event, Maric of Cal with a PR of 205, Schaerer of Stanford at 203. It's on Schaerer's home field, he knows the wind, if any, over Maric. Freshman Tabor of Stanford 3rd. Stanford 6-3.

Running Score: Stanford 54, Cal 59

  • 400 IH: Morton of Stanford has run 51.03, Hanson of Cal 51.25, but has a PR of 49.82. Hanson beats Morton, Cal 3rd. Cal 6-3.

Running Score: Stanford 57, Cal 65

  • 200: Dargie and Chandy of Stanford against Patterson and Porter of Cal and all with about the same times, mid 21's. Dargie 1st and Chandy 3rd. Stanford 6-3.

Running Score: Stanford 63, Cal 68

  • Triple Jump: Believe it or not no one from either school has jumped this year. Bradley of Stanford with a career best of 49, and then two Cal High Jumpers. I don't know what else to say. Richard Sherman jumps and wins? That would be fun. Stanford 5-4.

Running Score: Stanford 68, Cal 72

  • 3K: This might well be the best event of the Meet. Three excellent Cal runners, three excellent Stanford runners. This will be a battle. Coe of Cal gets revenge over Garrett Heath form their earlier 1500, but Stanford freshman phenom Chris Derrick wins. Stanford 6-3.

Running Score: Stanford 74, Cal 75

  • Pole Vault: Three at 16-11 or better. Schuler of Cal edges Roche and Dysick of Stanford. Cal 5-4.

Running Score: Stanford 78, Cal 80

  • 4 X 400 Relay: Cal's best is 3:11.56, Stanford best is 3:13.00. I expect both to run sub 3:10, you pick them. However I'm writing the story and I see Stanford edging Cal, or... wait a second, maybe Cal edging Stanford. This is going to be a barn burner as Keith Jackson would say, so why not come out to see for yourself who races to the Big Meet Victory. See you there!

The Women:

  • Javelin: Three competitors are very close - Hoolko of Cal and Bennett and Minoofer of Stanford all have bests of about 140 feet. Too close to call, so Cal splits Stanford. Stanford 6-3.
  • Steeplechase: A fun event but not predictable as no one from either school has run it yet. Stanford is loaded in the Distances, Cal is not. O'Meara of Stanford has run fair in the past, but I suspect Stanford will have people in the event. Anything can happen here, which would change the whole meet, but for now, 8-1 Stanford.
  • Long Jump: Another huge event as Cal has 3 jumpers between 19-4 and 19-10 lifetime bests while Stanford has four between 19-9 and 20-3 this season. None of the Cal jumpers have gone 19 this year, however. King, Liehr and Matthew of Stanford 1-2-3, but a Cal athlete could still win this event, it's that tight. Stanford 9-0.

Running Score: Stanford 23, Cal 4

  • 4 X 100 Relay: We all know what can happen in sprint relays from watching the Olympics, but one can't predict a dropped pass. Cal has an outstanding sophomore, Cherelle Garrett as the anchor of a team that is 1.2 seconds faster than Stanford. Cal 5-0.

Running Score: Sanford 23, Cal 9

  • 1500: Cal has Pierce in the 1500 and 800 and she is an excellent runner, but hasn't run this distance this year. Centrowitz and Follmar are sub 4:20 runners and All Americans. Stanford 1-2 with Pierce 3rd.

Running Score: Stanford 31, Cal 10

  • Pole Vault: A great battle with Cal having 5 vaulters from 12-7 to 13-7 and Stanford with 3 of their own. Cal's Morgan is the very tough. Stanford's freshman Stepanidi has the best PR. Morgan over Stepanidi then Cal's Stokke. Cal 6-3.

Running Score: Stanford 34, Cal 16

  • Hammer: Goodbody of Stanford is a possible NCAA scorer, Cal has 2 good throwers. Stanford 5-4.

Running Score: Stanford 39, Cal 20

  • 100 Hurdles: Liehr of Stanford edges Truluck of Cal, but that's for 2nd. Cal's Bloom wins easily. Cal 8-1.

Running Score: Stanford 40 Cal 28

  • Shot Put: Wallerstedt of Stanford is the easy favorite. Then Cal 2nd and a multi-event performer from Stanford 3rd. Stanford 6-3.

Running Score: Stanford 46, Cal 31

  • 400: I think Otu of Stanford will double here and the Intermediate Hurdles, but that would only be to get a point. Cal's Turner and Bonty are 1-2. Cal 8-1.

Running Score: Stanford 47, Cal 39

  • 100: Hendicks of Stanford could challenge the outstanding sprinter, Garrett of Cal, but she hasn't run since January. Garrett over Stanford's fine sprinter, Matthew with Cal's Holmes 3rd. Cal wins 6-3.

Running Score: Stanford 50, Cal 45

  • 800: Pierce is four seconds ahead of a number of Stanford women, but Pierce hasn't run in a while. Still, she wins, with any of several Stanford runners 2-3. Cal 5-4.

Running Score: Stanford 54, Cal 50

  • 400 Hurdles: Smith of Cal is the class here, Otu needs to take 3rd, as I can't see her beating both of the other Cal runners. Cal 8-1.

Running Score: Stanford 55, Cal 58

  • Triple Jump: Cal has 2 at about 41 feet, Stanford's King went 42 indoors. King splits Cal's two athletes. Cal 6-3.

Running Score: Stanford 58, Cal 64

  • 200: Garrett the winner over Matthew, Cal has 5 runners who could challenge Matthew. Cal 6-3.

Running Score: Stanford 61, Cal 70

  • High Jump: A Cal sweep and the Meet. McPherson of Cal has a 6-2 best. Cal 9-0.

Running Score: Stanford 61, Cal 79

  • 3K: Stanford with a big sweep here, any 3 of 8 or so could do it, but it's too late barring an earlier Stanford reversal. Stanford 9-0.

Running Score: Stanford 70, Cal 79

  • Discus: Wallerstedt is the best by 12 feet, Cal 2-3. Stanford 5-4.

Running Score: Stanford 75, Cal 83

  • 4 X 400 Relay: Cal is 6 seconds faster than Stanford and should win.

Final Score: Stanford 75, Cal 88


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