Track: Pac-10 Championship

Stanford looks to contend for the Pac-10 Track & Field Championship that begins Saturday, May 16, in Eugene, Oregon.

The two-day Pac-10 Championship follows the Multi events that have already occurred. Doubling in the 800/1500 is hard and requires 4 races in 2 days. Therefore I have based my predictions on very few doublers in these events. I have a couple in the 1500/5K, and more in the 5K/10K which have no heats.

A side note on Stanford: 29 women and 22 men have already qualified for the NCAA Regional which will be at the end of May in Eugene, Oregon.


The Women:

  • 100: Cal's Garrett has the second-best time to ASU's Williams, but I'll pick Garrett to beat Williams, as they go 1-2. Stanford's Matthew is running very well with PRs recently, and I think she will finish 5th here. Stanford's Hendricks may be a finalist, but I pick her 9th. Cal picks up 10 points, Stanford 4.
  • 200: A really loaded field with 12 runners under 24 seconds and one under 23. Williams of ASU comes back here with a win, over Oregon's (and former Bay Area HSer) Amber Purvis, for the win. Despite Matthew's big PR last week to 23.59, she is picked for 7th. ASU with 15 points, USC 13, Stanford 2.
  • 400: Nicole Leach of UCLA had a great meet on May 3 against USC and should win handily here. She is a possible NCAA winner, and will run both the 400 and the 400IH. 2nd is Olear of USC. No Stanford finalists. UCLA with 15 points.
  • 800: Buckman of Oregon in a tight pick-em race with 12 runners within 2.5 seconds of each other. Centrowitz of Stanford and Babcock of Washington are possible winners, but I have them in the 1500 only. Pierce of Cal is another possible winner, if healthy, but I have not factored her in. This is really wide open. Those that mentioned as not running, may be entered at the time I write this, so it's just my gut feel on who might run here. Thielke of Stanford 7th and Pennington of Stanford 8th. UCLA with 12 points, Oregon 10 and Stanford 3.
  • 1500: While Centrowitz of Stanford has the best time by 6 seconds, don't be fooled, this is a class field. While I pick Centrowitz to win, Babcock and Follett of Washington and Stanford's Follmar along with Oregon's Kosinski will be right there. It'll probably be a kicker's race, but we will hope for a sub-4:10. I have Campbell of Washington and Buckman of Oregon in the 800 only and Blood of Oregon doubling in the 5K and 10K. Stanford 17, Washington, 14.
  • 5K: Five women under 16 minutes, which are great times. I think Follett of Washington will run the 1500 only but this is a possible double and if she runs she could win. Blood of Oregon, Chetelat of Stanford, Campbell and Lawrence are all outstanding runners. Blood edges Chelelat. Oregon 17 points, Washington 11 and Stanford 8. Of course if Follett runs this race, it all changes.
  • 10K: Blood a double winner, over Campbell of Washington. Again the question is who runs where? Stanford's Niehaus 5th and Stanford's Gits 6th. Gits is rounding into shape, she scored in the NCAA's last year.
  • 3K Steeplechase: Stanford's frosh Amaro is 3 seconds from #1 on the season list, in 2nd, and 9 seconds ahead of #3. O'Meara of Stanford gets 7th. Not a great field, maybe they are all waiting for Eugene. Stanford with 12 points, Oregon 8.
  • High Hurdles: Broom of Cal has an outstanding 13.08 time which should mean a win. UCLA has two outstanding hurdlers, Clark and Ali, who should go 2-3. Liehr of Stanford has a great time, but just getting to the finals will be difficult. USC with 15 points, Cal 10.
  • 400 Intermediate Hurdles: UCLA's Leach is the class of the field as she was in the 400 flat race. She won a close race over USC freshman Muhammad at their dual meet. Others are well back which mean Stanford's Out who ran a PR last week could finish 4th. UCLA with 11 points and Stanford with 5.
  • 4 X 100 Relay: ASU close over USC. Stanford sprinters are improving, but 5th here.
  • 4 X 400 Relay: Four really fine teams in this race, but some will already have competed in 5 races or events on the weekend. UCLA over ASU then USC and Oregon. Stanford 7th.
  • High Jump: Arizona's Patterson has a best of 6-4 ¾ and should win. McPherson of Cal went 6-2 a year ago. No Stanford scorers. Arizona 13 points.
  • Pole Vault: Morgan of Cal won the NCAA last year but has the fifth-best mark. The Stanford school and freshman record holder, Stefanidi, 4th. Cal 12 points, Stanford 5.
  • Long Jump: Three women within 2". Watkins of UCLA is another wonderful competitor, over Youngblood of Oregon and King of Stanford. Matthew has had fouls over the league best; she will challenge. I have her in 4th. UCLA 14 points, Stanford 11.
  • Triple Jump: After 4 years of Erica McLain winning it's time for... another Stanford woman. This time, Arantxa King. Stanford freshman Jordan Merback has looked great recently, and I have her in 2nd. Whitney Liehr of Stanford 6th. 21 points for Stanford.
  • Shot Put: Stevens of ASU just needs a fair throw to win, she is well ahead of the field, almost 6'. Arizona has four scores. Stanford's Wallerstedt is rising fast, could be 2nd. Arizona 17 points, Stanford 8.
  • Discus: Stevens of ASU is again the class of the field, like in the Shot Put. Then there are six throwers in the 160's. Freeman of Arizona 2nd, Wallerstedt of Stanford 4th. ASU 16 points, Stanford 5.
  • Hammer: Orban of USC has a best of 226' while Stevens of ASU at 121'. They go 1-2. Goodbody of Stanford 3rd. USC 13 points, Stanford 6.
  • Javelin: Rachel Yukovich of Oregon is the class of the field in many ways. She made the Olympic team, but missed the qualifying mark so couldn't complete. Yukovich wins with McCrea of Oregon 2nd. Oregon with 18 points.

The predicted final score for the Women:

Oregon: 157
USC: 129
Stanford: 124
ASU: 98
UCLA: 92
Cal: 69
Arizona: 67
Washington: 65
WSU: 18

The Men:

  • 100: No standouts in this event. Rashad of USC edges Duncan of ASU. ASU places three, USC two. USC with 16 points, ASU with 12.
  • 200: Rashad with a sprint double. 400 standout Boase of Washington 2nd, ASU's Duncan 3rd. USC with 15 points.
  • 400: Boase of Washington is a full second ahead of the field at 45.67. The next seven runners are within 0.2 seconds of each other. Morton of Stanford 5th. USC and Washington with 10 points, Stanford with 4.
  • 800: Wheating of Oregon is an Olympian and still a junior. He has the best time, 1:47.03, and a huge kick. McHenry of ASU, 1:47.74, to follow. Oregon starts to dominate here with 15 points. No Stanford finalist.
  • 1500: I think Cal's Michael Coe is America's next great miler, but this is a great field with 4 runners who may well be Olympic trial finalists in 2012. Rupp to double in the 5K and 10K. Centrowitz of Oregon, Garrett Heath of Stanford and Wheating of Oregon in that order. Oregon 16 points, Cal 11 and Stanford 6.
  • 5K: Now we see Galen Rupp, also an Olympian. Rupp to win followed by Bethke of ASU and Stanford's Derrick. Stanford brothers Garrett Heath and Elliot Heath 5th and 6th. Oregon 18 points, Stanford 13.
  • 10K: Rupp again, with teammate Puskedra 2nd, then another Duck, Biwott 3rd. Oregon will place two more with the Mercado brothers. Stanford's Riley 6th. Oregon with a whopping 30 points, Stanford 3.
  • 3K Steeplechase: Another very tight race. UCLA's Knight wins, with Sodaro of Cal 2nd. Stanford's Sullivan 3rd and teammate Mocko 5th. UCLA 11 points, Stanford 10.
  • 110 High Hurdles: Stanford standout Myles Bradley to win followed by Spurlock of USC and Paul of Cal. Jackson of Stanford 7th. Stanford 12 points.
  • 400IH: WSU's Anderson is the class, but Stanford's Morton has run faster than the old school record twice. Anderson over Morton then Klech of Oregon and Hanson of Cal. WSU 17 points, Stanford 8.
  • 4 X 100 Relay: USC edging UCLA as they did in their dual meet. Stanford 8th.
  • 4 X 400 Relay: WSU to beat USC and ASU. Stanford 4th.
  • High Jump: Great field with six 7-footers led by my pick Arrivey of WSU at 7-4.5. Wright of Cal, a 7-3 jumper, 2nd. WSU with 17 points.
  • Pole Vault: Truly the outstanding field event of the meet. Thirteen 17-footers and two more a half-inch shy. Roth of Washington is the only 18-footer; he wins. Mossberg of Arizona 2nd, Woepse of UCLA 3rd. UCLA has five 17-footers. UCLA 15 points then Washington with 13.
  • Long Jump: Eaton of Oregon should win the Decathlon and now comes back to win the Long Jump. Former Stanford FB recruit Rosario just misses scoring. Bradley of Stanford 4th. Oregon 14 points.
  • Triple Jump: Four athletes at 51-52 feet. Rivera-Morales of Arizona wins, Wright of USC 2nd. USC 14 points.
  • Shot Put: Two great throwers, Lloyd, of Arizona with a best 68-feet edges Whiting of ASU who has a best of 67-feet. Lewis of ASU 3rd and Stanford's Tabor 8th. ASU 14 points, Arizona 13 and Stanford with 1.
  • Discus: Stanford's Daniel Schaerer threw 199 last week to move into the Pac-10 lead and he had a foul that appeared to be over 200. He edges Cal's Maric and ASU's Whiting who are all within 9" of each other. Stanford's Tabor 8th. Stanford and ASU with 11 points.
  • Hammer: ASU's Jason Lewis, 3rd in the Shot, 4th in he Discus, gets his win here. Kocsor of USC 2nd, Davis-Hammerquist of Stanford 6th. ASU with 10 points, Stanford with 3.
  • Javelin: The battle of titans, Oregon's Hosteller and USC's White each have a best of 272 feet. White to win and Cal's excellent 250-footer, Young, 3rd. Oregon with 15 points.

The predicated final score for the Men:

Oregon: 168
USC: 104
Stanford: 102
ASU: 95
UCLA: 86
Cal: 79
Arizona: 76
WSU: 63
Washington: 36

It's interesting that the prediction for the Men and the Women are identical down to 8th place. A sweep for the Oregon Ducks; Stanford with two third place finishes.

I haven't been to a meet in Eugene, the Mecca of Track and Field, for nearly 30 years. It's time.

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