Second time a charm: Young recommits to Card

Three star cornerback Louis Young (Good Counsel HS, Olney MD) made a verbal commitment to the Cardinal back in October, but had backed off that decision in recent months. Now, however, he's back, and seemingly for good: "I'm done talking visits. This is my commitment. This is official – it's done and it's a wrap. I don't need to see anywhere else." Read on...

After taking in the Stanford campus with his father for the Cardinal's Junior Day this weekend, Louis Young was able to put his doubts about Stanford to rest.

"We were in a meeting with the whole coaching staff, every recruit and every family member," Young said. "[All the recruits] basically introduced ourselves, said something interesting about ourselves, like what school we're from and what position we play. And on my turn, I announced my commitment to Stanford.

"Coach Harbaugh was in the front of the room. When I [committed], it kind of shocked him a little bit, but he caught on to it really fast. He put me on the spot and asked, ‘Is that a commitment?' And I said ‘Yes sir, Coach,' and then he came over, shook my dad's and my hands and gave us a lot of love, and everybody clapped. It was great.

"We sat down afterwards with Coach Harbaugh, and he is committed to Stanford as much as I am. He looked at me in my eye and told me yes. I could just tell that he's a straight-up dude and he's not going to shoot me any curves. He's going to be honest with me and going to help me succeed and put me in the right situation."

Young's trip to Stanford answered some of the questions that caused him to decommit in the first place.

"When I made my commitment at first I felt it was kind of early, but there were a lot of people trying to persuade me away for their benefit or tell me the cons about Stanford and not necessarily the pros," Young said.

"[Recommitting] was about more than just football. Football is not always going to be there. I was talking to [co-defensive coordinator] Ron Lynn and he was saying if my goal is to be to go the league for that 10 years max, we're going to be set up for life with the connections from Stanford, with a Stanford degree and just having a relationship with the Stanford community. That just speaks volumes."

And while the off-the-field opportunities that come with a Stanford education were the main reason for Young's decision, the beauty of the Stanford campus played a central role in cementing Young's choice.

"It really hit me when I was standing on the top of the Hoover Tower looking out at the whole Stanford campus," Young said. "All the recruits were up there, but I got some alone time up there. I just looked. I could see over everything. I could see my future at Stanford."

His experience at the Hoover Tower was just a part of what turned out to be a memorable Junior Day weekend.

"It was great," Young said. "Friday, we started the day bright and early with a nice breakfast, and that's arguably the best meal of the day according to the players from Stanford. We got to meet with the coaches in the morning and then we started a campus tour. We had about seven or eight golf carts riding around the campus seeing all the different stadiums for all the different sports.

"We went to the church there and we went to the Hoover Tower and basically looked down on all of Stanford and the city and saw how beautiful it is. Then we went into the classroom and learned that the founders of Google went there, the founder of Yahoo went there, and the Nike guy who's building the new business school [Phil Knight] and went there.

"Then I got to meet the professors on Saturday and sit down with them. They all basically gave a speech on what their goal is, and their goal is to try to help us to try to succeed at Stanford."

Despite having 20 other offers from schools across the country, Young maintains that his commitment to Stanford is as solid as can be.

"I'm done talking visits," Young said. "This is my commitment. This is official – it's done and it's a wrap. I told my dad I don't need to see anywhere else."

That's not to say that his recruiting process is fully complete. Young will be taking AP Government next year and is currently taking ACT prep classes to try to maximize his odds of passing through Admissions.

Young is also focused on finishing his high school football career at Good Counsel in memorable fashion.

"My senior football season, I want to be on First Team for everything," Young said. "My goals are going to be set high. I want to make Player of the Year in my state. My stats this year were 34 tackles, 13 batted passes, five interceptions [one for a touchdown], and 18 catches for 400 yards and four touchdowns.

"I'm trying to double all that this year. I want to be a playmaker at the highest level. I just want to be that top guy in this area and help my team win, help put my team on the map. A lot of people are doubting my team this year because we lost two really good players in Jelani Jenkins and Caleb Porzle. I mean everybody knows it's going to be hard to fill in, but we've got a lot more weapons coming that people don't know. Being a captain, it's my job to let those weapons be used."

Young, who reports a 3.2 GPA and plans to take the ACT on June 13 and then possibly again on September 12, plans to major in business.

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