Reganomics A Hit With Basketball People

New York big man Will Regan is pretty comfortable with who he is as a player and person. The Bootleg checks in with him for the latest on his recruitment.

In recruiting circles, coaches and scouts often like to talk about kids who "get it". Basically it's a way of discussing a prospect who plays the game the right way and is in understanding of his own strengths or weaknesses. If there's one kid in the class of 2010 who truly "gets it", he would appear to be Will Regan. The 6-foot-8 big man from the Nichols School in Buffalo, N.Y., not only gets it, but he's a pretty good basketball player to boot.

While he knows that much of the reason that he's drawn attention from colleges is his ability on the floor, Regan is equally, if not more, focused on the education side of a college choice.

"It's pretty important," said Regan. "You're getting a free education and you want to make the most of it. If you do that, then you are going to benefit in the long term regardless of what happens with basketball."

On the floor, Regan is a hard working interior player who is happy to do all of the little things like setting screens, helping on defense, or securing a tough rebound. He scores with some skill, runs the floor and can step out and face the basket. Not surprisingly, they are the types of qualities that have earned him admirers amongst college coaches.

"I think they see me being a player that can be versatile for them," said Regan. "I don't think that I'm going to be the go to guy all the time. I think I'm more of the guy that they are going to look to for consistency."

"My biggest strength is just consistency and keeping my cool. I'm not going to get really flustered if I'm playing awful. I always feel like the next shot is going to be good and don't get too frustrated.

According to Regan, he's pretty much settled on a list of Stanford, Virginia, Arizona State, Maryland and Providence. Johnny Dawkins staff at Stanford has remained in close contact.

"From coach Dawkins I get the monthly call from him," Regan said of his relationship with the Cardinal staff. "Then I call coach Schrage about once or twice a month to talk to them a bit about what's going on."

Attracted to Stanford's strong academics, Regan says that the distance from home wouldn't be an impediment to him possibly choosing to head out to Palo Alto for school.

"Its' definitely a possibility," Regan told The Bootleg of attending Stanford. "I've been out there once and it was a good trip. I don't think the distance would bother me much."

Because he feels so comfortable with the programs on his list, Regan says that he really doesn't need to see that much more. He would like to take a trip down to Charlottesville to check out the new staff at UVA, but other than that, he'll likely take a few official visits before pulling the trigger.

"I don't think I'll take all five," said Regan of his official visits. "If there's something in the next couple of months that feels right then I'll jump into it. But, ideally I'll probably end up taking two or three visits."

When he does decide, one can be sure that he'll be making his choice for a multitude of reasons and because it's truly the right decision for him.

"For me, I just want to make the right decision," said Regan. "I would rather make it earlier than later. But, it's important for me to make sure that I find a place that is the right fit for me on every level."

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