Q&A: QB Dallas Lloyd, Card commit

Stanford's 15th verbal commit to its 2010 recruiting class was Scout 300 member Dallas Lloyd, from Pleasant Grove, Utah. Despite 11 offers from schools across the country and interest from a host of others, Scout.com's No. 18 quarterback chose to end his recruitment early last Sunday while on an unofficial visit in Palo Alto.

In an exclusive interview with TheBootleg.com earlier this week, Dallas Lloyd discussed his reasons for choosing Stanford, the admissions process and the future of Cardinal football.

Andy Drukarev, TheBootleg.com: Why did you pick Stanford?
Dallas Lloyd: Through this recruiting process, there have been three major things that I'm looking for in a school. First and foremost is academics. I have to obtain the best education that I can for life after football. The second one is a to play in a top-class football program, to play for championships, like the Pac-10, which is like the best conference in the United States. And then the last one is I always looked at: the coaching staff. I had to feel comfortable and have good relationships with them, and that is the case with Stanford.

AD: How did you make your commitment?
DL: My parents, my little brother and I went out to Stanford for an unofficial visit on Sunday and Monday. We went to dinner on campus Sunday night with Coach Harbaugh and Coach Anderson. In the middle of dinner I stood up and committed - it was awesome. They were so excited.

AD: What did the Stanford staff tell you they liked about you as a quarterback?
DL: They kept telling me about my highlight film, how much they loved it and how much they watched it. I guess how I have a strong arm and I can be a dropback passer, but I can get it done with my feet too. I'm not afraid to run. I'm a dual-threat quarterback that can make plays.

AD: Do you have plans to take a mission?
DL:The coaches are willing to let me go. If I did go on a mission, I would go right when I graduate from high school and I'd be out for two years on the mission. Then I'd get back in the summer, redshirt my first year at Stanford and have four years from that.

AD: As you likely won't take the field at Stanford for at least two years because of your mission plans, did you have any concerns that Coach Harbaugh would leave Stanford before that time, and did you bring that subject up with him?
DL:Yeah, I did. We talked about it because, obviously, we love him as a coach and we wouldn't want him to go anywhere. He says his plans are that he's here to stay, but definitely that would be a big concern. I don't think it's going to happen though, so I think we're going to be fine.

AD: How solid is your commitment to Stanford and do you plan on taking any more visits?
DL: I'm not going to be taking any other visits. This is official, it's solid.

AD: How does it feel to have the recruiting process over with?
DL: It's a relief, but this recruiting process has been like a dream come true - it's been my dream since I was a little kid to go through this process. So I enjoyed it and I had some strong relationships with great people in other programs, but it's a relief to have it over with and know where I'm going.

AD: What other schools offered you?
DL: There were ten other offers. BYU, Utah, Utah State, Wyoming, Tulsa, Nebraska, Syracuse, TCU, Vanderbilt and Miami all offered.

AD: What are your goals for your senior year?
DL: Now that I've chosen Stanford, I have to take a rigorous schedule for school to get me ready for college. I'm actually excited about that - I think it's going to be good for me. In football, we have about six or seven Division I caliber players on our team, so I think we should be good. The ultimate goal is a state championship. that's what we're going to be working towards.

AD: Have you talked to the Stanford coaches about the admission process?
DL: I have an application. I'm taking the ACT on June 13 and I have to start doing the application as soon as I can. They give you kind of a general score that they want you to get on the ACT, like a bare minimum. Then they tell you to take as many AP classes as you can, but they don't give you specific ones that you have to take.

AD: Do you plan on trying to recruit uncommitted prospects to Stanford?
DL:Yea I definitely think so. If I talk to some uncommitted prospects I'll definitely try to talk to them because Stanford is a great place. I do know two players that are committed somewhere else but they love Stanford [so I'll talk to them.]

AD: Have you started to form relationships with other members of the 2010 class?
DL: I'm actually good friends with Chris Badger. When I was down at that Junior Day in April, I met a lot of kids and got their phone numbers then, and some of them have committed since then. I know like five or six kids from that, and then there's this kid from the 2009 class [Terrence Stephens] who got my number and started texting me too. From what I hear, he's been hitting everyone up. He's a cool guy though, I like him.

AD:What do you see as the future of Stanford football?
DL:I think that there's definitely a bright future. Coach Harbaugh has brought in some really good recruiting classes. The program is going nowhere but up from here. We're just going to get better and better.

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