2003 Basketball BootPool Standings

Championship week was just about over when it began... Gopher67 was the only one at 50% and claimed the "win" for the week. The 2003 Hoops BootPool has now concluded and SL claims the top prize! Behind SL, Steve D., Sea Hang and mvcard (what a difference a missed week makes...) were tied with the same score, and "finished" in that order, based on the tiebreakers. Check out the final results and standings. Till next year...

As of March 16, 2003

Week 10 Standings

Cumulative Standings

* Note: Total = sum of correct picks minus the lowest weekly score


Week 10 Correct Picks:

UCLA, Oregon, USC, Cal, Oregon, USC, Oregon, Pitt, Lville, Col St, Duke, Illinois, Oklahoma, Kentucky, MSU, NC State

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