NBPA Recap- Stanford Targets

Stanford hoops fans have been getting anxious while waiting for their first commitment from the class of 2010. However, they are involved with several high level prospects and a handful of them were on hand in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend for the NBPA Top 100 Camp.

By the time camp wrapped up on Saturday night, the 2009 NBPA Top 100 Camp had set a pretty high standard. Likely the top event of the grassroots circuit so far, the 2009 edition was also one of, if not the, best years ever for the camp. Loaded with talent and filled with kids who competed from beginning to end, a contingent of potential Stanford recruits helped contribute to the strength of the camp.

Stanford Targets At NBPA

Anthony Brown- The book on Brown has always been that he could be a terror once his body matures physically. While he's still got plenty of maturation to do, the skinny 6-foot-5 wing is really starting to assert himself as a fabulously skilled and versatile perimeter player. In Charlottesville he scored off of clever slicing dribble drives, pulled up to hit contested jumpers and was adroit at finding teammates off the dribble. He's fundamentally sound, quick and becoming more explosive around the rim as his body adds weight. He had to have improved his stock as much as any player in camp and should be entering the month of July with loads of confidence.

Kyle Collinsworth- A rangy and skilled wing, it took Collinsworth a while to get going. At nearly 6-foot-5, Collinsworth spent much of his time at camp playing the point meaning he was matched up almost exclusively with smaller and quicker players. After an adjustment and early struggles, Collinsworth started to assert himself on both ends of the floor as camp wore down. His ball skills and passing should prove to be a huge asset down the road and while he's not a jaw dropping athlete, his first step is quite underrated. Gave a top five of Arizona State, Kansas, Stanford, BYU and Virginia.

Will Regan- Playing on a team that advanced all the way to the camp's championship game, Regan was an integral part of his team's success. While playing with some offensive minded lead guards, Regan did the little things like secure offensive rebounds to steal possessions, set screens and knock down open shots from between four and 15 feet when given the opportunity. Sneak strong around the basket, he's a clever scorer who is a master of head fakes and shoulder shakes to send defenders into the air. His game isn't necessarily "pretty", but the young man continues to prove that he really understands how to play the game of basketball.

Jason Morris- A high flying wing athlete, the 6-foot-5 Morris is capable of playing at either the shooting guard or small forward position. A lean and wiry strong perimeter player, he loves to slice his way through defenders in transition for towering jams over bigger players. His jumper is a bit on the streaky side, but good mechanics suggest that he should be able to develop into a much more consistent shooter down the road.

Carson Desrosiers- A unique big man prospect, Desrosiers much prefers to play facing the hoop despite his near 6-foot-10 size. He runs the floor pretty well, is a good shooter out to the three point line and is very adept as a passer. He whips precise passes to cutting teammates for buckets and doesn't force many shots. He does need to add strength so that he can more effectively bang inside where he has the skill to do damage but lacks the power to hold his position against strong inside players.

Rod Odom- Perhaps caught in between positions, Odom really struggled throughout the camp. As a wing he's got jumbo size with his 6-foot-8 frame, but he struggles with the quickness and athleticism of the usually smaller wings he faces. As a face up four man -- a position that it may be better to project him at -- he's a pretty skilled guy that has decent quickness but lacks strength. A stranger to the grassroots scene, it will be interesting to see how he does in future events.

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