Commitment #21 - S Daunte Carr

These are wild times in Stanford Football recruiting as the safety position saw a fascinating musical chairs play out with the long-anticipated and most welcome addition of heralded safety Daunte Carr. The Bootleg's Scott Cooley breaks from the standard recruiting update banter and gets loose and lively with an engaging and confident representative of the Cardinal's future!

Commitment #21 - S Daunte Carr

Stanford has been parked in front of the Recruit Factory for more than a week, collecting commitments from some of the more decorated and talented high school football recruits in the country. Monday afternoon spawned another future phenom on the Farm.


On Tuesday morning The Bootleg caught up with the Cardinal's latest hard-hitting hatchling, Daunte Carr for an in-depth interview. Here is what the three-star safety fromGeorgia had to say:


The Bootleg: How are you feeling now that you've made a verbal commitment to Stanford?


Daunte Carr: I think there is a lot of pressure off of my back. I am really excited that I chose a great school to go to. Stanford is very good in academics, one of the best in every academic category, so I think I made a good decision.


TB: Which coaches did you talk to when you committed and what were their reactions?


DC: I talked to Coach Harbaugh first. He was very, very, very excited. He was very happy that I had come out [to Stanford] three times and then I committed.


I also talked to Coach White, Coach Lynn and Coach Taggart. Coach Lynn and Coach Taggart are my defensive position coaches. They are both in Japan right now, but I called Coach Taggart anyway and he immediately pulled Coach Lynn out of a meeting to tell him. Both were full of joy.


TB: How do you feel when you hear the excitement in these coaches' reactions to your commitment?


DC: It makes me feel right at home. It makes me feel part of the family. It makes me feel part of the family even though I'm not officially in yet.


TB: It seemed you were always leaning toward Stanford, what finally pushed you over the edge?


DC: My parents and I had a long talk and looked at all of my offers. We focused on my top schools and narrowed down from the Top 4, to the Top 3, Top 2 and then finally my choice. I decided on Stanford because I think the Stanford degree will take me a lot further than a degree from any of my other top schools.


TB: Your Top 4 schools were Stanford, UCLA, Wake Forest and NC State, who ended up being the Top 3 or Top 2?


DC: It was pretty hard to narrow it down to two, but I can tell you who the Top 3 were. My Top 3 were Stanford, Miami and UCLA, but the last two are in no particular order. Stanford and UCLA both have good academic schools. UCLA has a very good medical program so with my major being biomedical engineering or sports medicine that would have fit perfectly. As far as Miami, I was born there so it would be like going home all over again. That's how I got down to my final three.


TB: You had just taken the ACT the last time we spoke, how did that go?


DC: The ACT test was nothing to worry about; I knew I was going to do well on it. I just had to take time to focus and prepare. Once I got my scores back I immediately contacted my top schools and told the coaches. Everyone was excited, but especially the coaches from Stanford. They immediately sent out the admission packet for me to start filling out because it is a very, very thick packet.


TB: The Stanford admission process is a rigorous ordeal; do you expect to have any trouble in getting admitted to the University?


DC: Oh no, I don't think it will be a problem for me to get admitted to Stanford. Of course everyone knows the process is tough and just getting through the packet will be a beast. I just have to take time and do it. I think there are five essays you have to complete so I will just have to sit down and take my time to do them. I don't foresee any problems in being admitted.


TB: You've decided to not pursue an early graduation your senior year, was Stanford a reason for this?


DC: Yes, Stanford does things a little differently. Their requirements don't want you to graduate early, but they will allow me to come to summer school before I am a freshman. That is pretty much the route I want to be taking. I talked to some people and realized that this is my last year. This is my last time to be a high school student and be a senior. So I just want to go all out my senior season and enjoy it all the way. And then I will be ready to start my Stanford career.


TB: How do your parents, Dwight and Vanessa, feel now that you've made your decision?


DC: My parents are very, very excited. Not only happy that I've made my decision, but the fact that I committed to a very good school. They were joking with me that it was about time that I made a decision, but all in all they are very happy.


TB: Is your family excited about moving to California?


DC: They are excited, but they are still working out how they are going to move out here. They are just trying to work out all the logistics because it's going to be a long process.


TB: You attended the Monday Night Football camp last weekend, how did that go?


DC: The coaches were very excited to have me out there. It was great to see how the coaches coached and how they were going to coach me. What they've seen on highlight film excited them, but I think what they saw of me on the field that day was even more impressive. They got to see my football skills and see how I catch because I mainly played receiver at the Quarterback/Receiver camp. I think they were very impressed with what I could do and how I showed my skills.


TB: You mentioned you were catching some balls and playing receiver in the camp, if called upon to line up on the offensive side of the ball do you think that is a role you could fill?


DC: In a way, yes, I probably could. My main job is going to be as a defensive back playing safety. Not a receiver or any other positions like that. Let's say hypothetically they need people to fill in, I don't see why I couldn't go in and play receiver or wherever. But my job is going to be playing safety.


TB: What are your impressions about the talent in your recruiting class Coach Harbaugh and his staff has been able to bring in?


DC: I've had the chance to meet the 2009 recruiting class because I had to help Terrance Stephens move in this last weekend. He and I are pretty good buddies so Tai-ler (Jones) and I helped him move in on campus. So while I was doing that I had an opportunity to meet some of the other 2009 commitments and all of them are great guys.


I haven't had a chance to see all of my 2010 commits, but when I check out their profiles online all of them seem like very, very good players. There is going to be a lot of talent on the team in a couple years and hopefully that can lead us to another national championship.


TB: So you and Tai-ler Jones were lifting some boxes this weekend by helping Terrance Stephens move in, were they whispering in your ear about committing?


DC: Actually, no really they weren't. The freshmen have to report for workouts as well as summer school so it actually gave me and Tai-ler the opportunity to see how the move-in process went. That is one thing we don't see on recruiting trips. We got to see how you have to do it, how you get all your stuff there and how many bags you might have to bring.


TB: Stanford has been a hotbed for commitments during the last week; with spots running thin did you feel any type of pressure to decide?


DC: Honestly, I did feel a little pressure, but not a lot. At the same token I just thought it was the right time to commit. Of course their list was running low because almost every day someone was committing. But I didn't feel a lot of pressure because of that; mainly it was just the right time.


TB: Do you know Devon Carrington or any of the other commits?


DC: I've recently met Devon. When I committed he immediately checked in. He's seems like a really cool guy. Of course I will get to know and learn more about these guys as we become a family because we will have to in order to win a national championship.


TB: What are your expectations going into your senior year of high school football?


DC: Well I am going to be on this team for the first time, but I think it has a lot of talent and they are very hungry. They not only want to get to the state championship but win it, and I think we will.


TB: How are you going to prepare yourself during your senior campaign to play at the NCAA level?


DC: I am going to continue honing and sharpening my skills. I am going to work on everything I can work on. If there is anyone that can give me advice, I will take it and run with it. Improving skills like backpedalling, ball-handling, footwork…everything that a DB needs to work on.


TB: You are heading to Six Flags today, is this a common hangout spot or is it a special occasion?


DC: Today is my off day so I am going to take full advantage because I don't have many of them. So I am going to Six Flags with a couple of friends and we're just going to hang out and relax. Everyone needs some fun in their life so we're going to try and do that today.


TB: You have a strict workout schedule, but what else are you going to be doing to relax and enjoy yourself this summer?


DC: That's a good question. If I have some free time outside of working out I might do stuff like go to Six Flags, hang out with my friends, go to the movies, maybe a couple of parties and stuff like that. I will most likely go somewhere with my family, not sure where yet, but we will have a good time doing it.


TB: You mentioned watching some movies, have you seen any good flicks lately.


DC: If you haven't seen Transformers (II) you should see that because it is a pretty good movie. Also The Hangover, it is a very, very funny movie.


TB: Who would play Daunte Carr in a football movie?


DC: That is a good question. (Laughing) I've never, ever thought about that. I guess if I wasn't able to play myself it would probably be Will Smith, but I'm not sure.


TB: The Stanford female student body is dying to know at this point, does Daunte Carr have a girlfriend?


(Laughing) Yes, he does have a girlfriend.


TB: Will mentioning her name get you any brownie points?


DC: No, I won't do that to her. She will award me some brownie points doing something else.


TB: If you had to compare yourself with a current NFL player, who would it be and why?


DC: (Baltimore's) Ed Reed because both of us love the sport. I've heard stories about him that he is always in the film room studying film. That is where I spend most of my time outside of the weight room. Watching film on my opponents, trying to learn every offensive sequence they have. Reed's cover skills and tackling techniques are very close to mine also.


TB: Who is your favorite NFL team?


DC: Probably the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not because they won the Super Bowl last year but because they are a very good team with a great defense.


TB: Who is going to win the Super Bowl next season?


DC: That is another good question. It is hard to make a prediction these days in the NFL. So to answer your question, I am not quite sure who is going to win the Super Bowl.


TB: And finally the million dollar question…which Pac-10 team are you most looking forward to beating when you are a Cardinal?


DC: The University of Southern California. When they beat them two years ago everybody went crazy and everybody was excited. So I think when I get there we will have to beat them again.


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