BootSearch™: The '09 Cardinal Freshmen

Hey, it's early July and other than recruiting there isn't all that much happening, but The Bootleg will not sleep! In our never-ending effort to provide an unparalleled variety of Cardinal Content™ to Stanford Football fans, young and old, we thought we'd try a semi-challenging word search. Go ahead, print it out and give it "the old college try". Not as easy as you might think. Good(Andrew)Luck!

BootSearch™: The '09 Cardinal Freshmen

Below is a special BootSearch word search challenge that includes 2009's incoming freshmen class of Cardinal football players. In en effort to increase name recognition and awareness in the surrounding community of our exciting new talent. Print it out and give it a try - make extra copies for the kids next door. Have your kids facebook links to their friends, take copies to school and distribute them far and wide. We desperately need energetic and engaged new fans! We will try any anything and everything legal and compliant!

Click here for the BootSearch™: The '09 Cardinal Freshmen Part I of II 

Click here for the BootSearch™: The '09 Cardinal Freshmen Part II of II 

[Cue "pomp & circumstance" background music]
" If we at The Bootleg can save just one child, one impressionable mind that hasn't already been sacrificed to the attendance-killing evils of video games, drugs, skateboards, and sudoku [this list of attendance-killing evils used to include "soccer", but we have done a retraction and substituted "sudoku" after coming to our senses and realizing how important and enjoyable the "world's game" is to some of our fans and we really shouldn't be popping off about the world's most popular sport when we can't fill our stadium (yet)] So to continue .... if we can salvage just one promising young person that otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn about Stanford Football (which by the way is matched in drama, excitement, and pageantry only by the wonderful world-sport of soccer) and look at these fine young Cardinal student-athletes as appropriate role models, the we feel we have done our small part in protecting and preserving America's future and that of our well-deserving athletic programs."

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