Recruiting Update: LB Michael Taylor

In what has fast become one of the most closely watched recruiting stories for the Cardinal's 2010 class, it would appear that Stanford remains very much still in the running for outstanding Georgia LB Michael Taylor. Read on for the latest thoughts from the San Diego native who plans on a trip west before making any final decision. We already have an "MT3", could we score an "MT4"?

Recruiting Update: LB Michael Taylor

The Cardinal coaching staff has siphoned a tank of talent from the Peach State during the 2009 recruiting frenzy. The probability of keeping the Georgia pipeline flowing to Palo Alto is very good.


Three-star prospect, Michael Taylor, is's No. 9 ranked linebacker and has put Stanford in his Top 6. Appearing in the top quartile of Taylor 's list is significant considering he has more than two dozen scholarship offers.


"I can probably trim [my list] down to six for you," Taylor said. "They would be Georgia , Miami , Stanford, LSU, Virginia Tech and Central Florida ."


A handful of premier schools left out of that upper-tier are Alabama , Auburn , Georgia Tech, Tennessee and West Virginia .


Taylor plays for Westlake High School in Atlanta . He is quite aware of the talent committed to playing on The Farm from his intrastate peers, and has a close relationship with one of them.


"Tai-ler [Jones] and I are the best of friends," said Taylor . "We were in a 7-on-7 tournament down in Florida . He was on my team and ever since then we've been really good friends. I get along with Daunte [Carr] really well, we are cool too. I haven't met the other commit yet, but I'm a pretty personable person so I would probably get along with him as well."


When asked if his fellow Georgians ever pitch Stanford as a place he should attend Taylor said without a question.


"Oh yea, [Jones] says stuff like, ‘we need you dog,' but I just tell him I haven't seen [the campus] yet and that is the main thing about it," Taylor said. "I actually talked to Jamal Patterson the other day as well. He was just telling me that if I chose Stanford I wouldn't regret a thing about it."


Patterson is a 6-3, 201-pound freshman wide receiver from McDonough, Ga. It is apparent the Georgia roots run deep amongst its athletes, but Taylor is actually a California native and still calls the Golden State home.


"I got to take a trip back home out to California for the first couple of weeks of the summer," he said. "It was good to get back home, but a lot of things have changed. People there are doing different things with their lives, most of it negative. I think it was best for me to get away so I could have a better chance to succeed."


Taylor is originally from the southeastern sector of San Diego . While visiting this summer, he had plans to travel north to Palo Alto, but they fell through. Taylor did report that he is going to take a visit to Stanford in the "near future."


"I haven't heard anything negative about Stanford," Taylor said. "I've heard nothing but pluses about Stanford so I have high expectations about the place."


Some of Taylor 's family, particularly his mother, would like him to stay close to home to play collegiate football. He indicated that this favoritism won't factor much into his decision.


"College is about getting away so I'm going to make the decision that is best for me," stated Taylor . "I'm not going to do something that is going to benefit somebody else where I'll be hurting from it in the long run."


Taylor has been involved in a thorough offseason training program this summer.

"I have been having three-a-day practices for about two weeks now," he said. "Last week was the conclusion of the two weeks, but I will probably keep going and carry it over into this week. Pull workouts, trail runs, you name it; I've done it in these last two weeks."


In Taylor's first interview with The Bootleg he discussed his ideal playing position as the middle linebacker spot. Taylor admitted that he will have to put on pounds to play MLB at the NCAA level, but isn't concerned with adding all the weight before or during his senior season.


"I am actually a half-inch or inch taller so my frame is growing," said Taylor, who now stands at 6-1. "So I have a little bit more room to get bigger now. I am working at a tempo where I can gain some weight and it is coming gradually, but I know in college I can put on 25-30 pounds easily so I'm not really worried about that right now."


Taylor is only concerned about preparing to win a Georgia state football title. This summer, he has also addressed his only weakness listed by


"I have also been working on shedding blocks very hard," he said. "I came up with a new technique so these linemen better watch out for me next year."


Taylor was on track to take the ACT in June, but was forced to reschedule the date to September because of a visit to Miami . Taylor currently holds a three-part SAT score of 1350, and is well-aware of the Cardinal's selective admission standards.


"If I don't do as well on the ACT I will probably take the SAT one more time," he said. "And that's if I'm trying to go to Stanford."

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