Bright Future For Stanford

Aaron Bright had been waiting patiently for news from Stanford admissions. Friday afternoon he got the green light and wasted little time in pulling the trigger for Johnny Dawkins' program.

Speaking truthfully, Aaron Bright has been thinking about committing to Stanford for a while. A rising senior at Bellevue (Wash.) High, Bright has favored the Cardinal in the recruiting process but had been waiting on some news before making his commitment.

Friday afternoon, the 5-foot-10 point guard got the news he was waiting for and gave Johnny Dawkins and his staff their first commitment from the class of 2010.

"I got offered before but I had just been waiting to get in through admissions," said Bright. "Coach Dawkins called today and let me know that I'd been admitted so I gave him the word that I wanted to play for him and be a part of the Stanford family."

In a class that is becoming increasingly thin on point guard prospects, Bright could have easily taken more time with the process and drawn other attention. However, Stanford offered him everything he was looking for in a program and he didn't see any reason to drag things out.

"I just felt like playing in the Pac-10 is a great opportunity to play against the best players in the country," said Bright. "Basketball wise the sky is the limit. When I can't dribble anymore, a Stanford education opens up a lot of opportunities. I figured that for later in life it's best for me."

Justifiably excited to have his college future set, Bright made it clear that it was an exciting day. However, nobody in the Bright household was more excited by his decision than his mother.

"My mom, Oh my gosh. My mom was going crazy," Bright told The Bootleg. "She's loved Stanford from day one. Nobody from my family has gone to college before. It's truly a blessing to have that kind of opportunity to play basketball and go to school."

Having visited the Farm in the past, Bright is familiar with the coaching staff and players. In particular, it was the players – both past and present – that made him feel comfortable with signing on.

"I went down there for their elite camp and I got a chance to play with guys Jarrett Man and Jeremy Green," said Bright. "I also knew Mitch Johnson who just finished up and he was a good friend from before and played for the same summer program I do. I got along with the players and coach wants my class to help take Stanford to the next level. I feel like I'm qualified to do that and hope for the best."

Bright also took the time to address rumors that he'd be moving from Bellevue to Bothell for his senior year of high school.

"I'm staying at Bellevue," said Bright. "I don't know where that rumor came from and how it spread so fast, but I'm staying at Bellevue for my senior year."

With his commitment out of the way, a happy family and an end to any rumors about his future, Bright is happy to breathe a sigh of relief. He'll still get to play for coaches this summer, but he'll do so knowing that he's committed to the guys watching with Stanford across their shirts.

"It's a big relief," said Bright. "It's a blessing just to be able to get through the application process early. Now when I got to Vegas and the rest of the tournaments it is a done deal. Now I can just train and get ready for the next level."

"I still want to impress and perform at my best. But, just knowing that it's a done deal is good."

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