Georgia CB Robinson moves Stanford up

For months, Georgia cornerback and Stanford target Darius Robinson had included the Cardinal among his favorite schools, but had never identified Stanford has one of his top two or three choices. As recently as July 6, Robinson said that Stanford was the No. 4 school on his list behind Clemson, Miami, and UCF...

But in the past few days, all that has changed. In an earlier interview with The Bootleg, Darius Robinson said that Stanford is now in his top two.

"I feel like Stanford has moved up lately," Robinson said. "I'd say probably them and Clemson are in the lead for my services."

As Robinson has spent more time mulling over his options, the importance of getting a good college education has impacted his thinking.

"I just sat down and thought about my future and really just thought about what would be good for me and what would make life not as hard," Robinson said. "I know with a degree from Stanford on my resume, I can do a lot of things if I don't go pro, I don't make it in football or I get hurt or anything like that. I really just thought about everything that Stanford could offer and I just thought that if they could use me, then I should be able use them also. I feel like with Stanford, they open the most doors out of all the schools that are recruiting me."

It also never hurts to feel that a school really wants you. In recent weeks Robinson has racked up quite the long-distance phone bill talking to members of the Stanford coaching staff.

"Actually I talked to [defensive backs coach Clayton] White I believe like 10 minutes ago," Robinson said. "The day before yesterday, I talked to [running backs coach Willie] Taggart and probably last week I talked to Coach Harbaugh, Coach Taggart, and Coach White. Then, after I get off the phone with you, I'm going to call Lance Anderson about my academics."

A handful of Georgia recruits with Cardinal ties have also been in Robinson's ear about the opportunities Stanford presents.

"I'm real close with Daunte Carr and Tai-ler Jones," Robinson said. "I kind of know most of the top prospects in Georgia, and Tai-ler Jones and Daunte Carr are two of those. I'm real close with them two and Michael Taylor, my teammate, another person that's high on Stanford."

Robinson said that the Georgia prospects have tried to reassure him that the benefits of a Stanford education outweigh the negatives of attending school so far away.

"They really just told me that they know it's kind of far away from home, but at the same time in the long run it will pay off," Robinson said. "In four or five years, when they move back home they'll get good jobs and things of that nature even if they don't go to the league. They tell me it's a beautiful place and I've really been trying to get out there to visit. There's nothing negative about Stanford that I've heard, and I don't think there is because it's such a great place."

Nonetheless, Robinson hasn't been able to work out plans for an unofficial visit to this point. As a result, he has postponed his plans of making a commitment before the start of his senior season, until he gets a chance to check out Stanford.

"I was really trying to get out for the Junior Day this week, but it was kind of on short notice," Robinson said. "If I have to take an early official on September 1, I will just to get out there and see it. I really was trying to make a decision before the first game, but I can't do it before seeing Stanford first."

Those extra couple of weeks might also help Robinson more accurately assess his chances of gaining admission to the university.

"I feel like I can get in to every school that has offered me, even Stanford, but I feel like with Stanford it will take a little more hard work," Robinson said. "From talking to all the other coaches from schools other than Stanford, I can get in with no problem with my SAT score and my GPA alone, but I felt like with Stanford you really have to strive for higher scores. If I want to go to Stanford, I really have to make sure my grades are right, because I can't commit there if in the long run I'm not going to be able to go there because of my grades."

For now, Robinson reports a 3.3 core GPA, 3.5 overall GPA, a 1370 three-part SAT score and a 930 two-part score. He is planning an SAT retake.

Aside from that potential admissions roadblock, the 2,500 miles from Robinson's hometown in Georgia to Palo Alto, Calif. might prove problematic for the Cardinal. While Robinson himself doesn't seem to mind going away for school, his parents aren't thrilled with the prospect.

"You know how parents are," Robinson said. "My parents aren't too delighted about [my Stanford interest.] Really they've kind of been giving me a hard time lately, but at the same time I really have to think of what's best for me. I really would like my parents to be able to see me every opportunity they can, and with Stanford I know that would eliminate some of the time, but really it's all about what I want."

If Robinson does in fact end up at Stanford, the Cardinal coaching staff seems to envision Robinson as part of a dynamic cornerback tandem along with current Cardinal commit Louis Young that could see playing time as true freshmen.

"With me and Louis Young, they expect us to come in and contribute early, because when get there, most of the players will be upperclassmen at corner," Robinson said. "They feel that we have the body build and nice size to come in, get a couple more pounds on us and contribute real soon. They really have high hopes for me and Louis."

While Young has the size and physicality of a safety, to go along with good overall athleticism, Robinson's strengths lie more in his speed and the confidence he takes with him onto the field.

"Probably the No. 1 thing is my confidence," Robinson said. "You have to have confidence at corner out there on an island, especially with some great receivers. I know you'll get beat sometimes, so you really have to be able to have a short-term memory. I'm also fast. My fastest time in the 40 yard dash is 4.38 seconds this year, and I really feel like there are not too many guys that can definitely outrun me."

Robinson is considered a three-star prospect and the No. 49 cornerback in the 2010 class by, and the No. 21 prospect at his position by Rivals.

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