BootSearch™: 2009 "Super-Walk-Ons"

Hey, it is the Sunday afternoon before fall camp opens so it is time to help out our chomping-at-the-bit fan base. We thought we'd offer up our second-ever BootSearch™, a fun little exercise to test your knowledge or at least start familiarizing fans with some of the sleeper names that may well represent the most accomplished and potentially productive class of walk-ons in our program's history.

BootSearch™: 2009 Stanford "Super-Walk-Ons"

Below is our second-ever BootSearch word search challenge featuring 2009's exceptional incoming class of walk-ons. The idea here is to increase name recognition and awareness in the surrounding community of our exciting new crop of "non-scholarship" players, determined, relentless young men who will be competing like crazy for playing time and the grand prize of a future scholarship. Print it out and give it a try - make extra copies for the bored kids next door. Have your kids take copies to school or work and distribute them far and wide. As was made abundantly clear at yesterday's "FBFU 2009" event, we desperately need energetic and engaged new and if possible a few slightly younger fans!

"The Dirt-Seeking Dozen": DB Ryan Ballenger, WR Brad Busby, LB Brent Etiz, OL Jacob Gowan, LB Devin Guillory, WR Sam Knapp, QB Robbie Picazo, LB Brent Seals, RB Michael Spanos, RB Andrew Stutz, PK Eric Whitaker

Click here for the BootSearch™: "2009 Stanford Super-Walk-Ons" - The Puzzle  

Click here for the BootSearch™: "2009 Stanford Super-Walk-Ons" - The Solution    

Public Notice: If we at The Bootleg can save just one child, one impressionable mind that hasn't already been sacrificed to the attendance-killing evils of video games, crystal meth, skateboards, and ultimate frisbee....We may not be able to stop healthcare reform, but if we can manage to salvage just one promising young person that otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn about Stanford Football and look at these fine young achievement-oriented Cardinal student-athletes as appropriate role models, the we feel we have done our small part in protecting and preserving America's future and that of our well-deserving athletic programs."    

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