Florida WR/DB Ready to Decide

Glades Central (FL) receiver/cornerback Tim Sims has returned from California upon completing his Stanford official visit and tells <i>The Bootleg</i> tonight that he has enough information to likely make his final decision. That commitment may come tomorrow, and Sims fills us in on where he is leaning...

Tim Sims had been hearing about Stanford since the spring, when Cardinal receivers coach and associate head coach David Kelly first started recruiting the talented six-foot athlete and described the campus to him.  "I've been hearing about it for so long, I can't wait to be out there," Sims told The Bootleg last week before he took his official visit this past weekend to The Farm.  "The expectations are sky high after everything I've heard for so long."

Sky high expectations are tough to match, especially for someone from the Glades in Southern Florida, who might view Stanford as a completely different world.  But Sims came away from campus a very happy man on Sunday.

"It was better than I thought," he reports.  "The players were different than what I thought.  I expected them to be uptight, but they were all loose.  They were cool.  We were always in a big group, but I meshed with everybody."

Sims was hosted by freshman cornerback T.J. Rushing, and though you might not think a kid from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma would have much in common with someone from South Florida, Sims (also known as T.J. - short for Timothy Jr.) thought Rushing was a great match.  "T.J. is a cool cat. He's kinda country like me.  We listen to the same kind of music (Southern rap vs West Coast rap) and we're just similar guys."

Boring though this might read, every dimension of the visit and experience turned up roses for Sims...

"The weather reminded me of home.  I'm not a cold guy, so that's good."

"Coach Teevens was very upfront telling me exactly what he wants from the program."

"I was kind of surprised at the diversity - how many different people there are."

He does note that he came on this visit unsure about his comfort level in such a different place so far from home, but says that was fully answered this weekend.  With no questions remaining, he says that he is likely to commit to head coach Buddy Teevens Tuesday when the coach comes to the Glades for Sims' in-home visit.  "I'm done," he explains.  "Stanford is the place I want to be."

He notes that Wake Forest is pushing him to take an official visit as soon as possible, and in-state he is getting pressure from UCF and USF.  And while all these options are much closer to home, the Glades Central HS senior is sold on going the distance.  "I know it's far, but I just have to get over that," he adds.

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