"On The Spot" w/ WR/KR Doug Baldwin [#89]

Dave Fowkes checks in with the always pumped up and primed Doug Baldwin, who'll be a legitimate threat playing receiver and returning kicks with teammate Chris Owusu. The Bootleg recommends that fans watch Baldwin's energy on the pre-game sideline if you want to get jacked up for a game! #89 is infused with the "Spirit of Stanford" and loves to play ball! Maybe DB takes one to the house tomorrow!

"On the Spot": WR/KR Doug Baldwin [#89]

Q: Doug, it is game week. Are you all set for the season? Enough of this practice stuff, ready to play for real?


A: I was set three months ago.


Q: How does it feel? What is the attitude of the team?


A: Focused! Extremely focused! Our mindset is totally different than it has been in the past couple of years. We are ready to go to work. We know what we have to do. We know we are not going to just throw the ball out there. We know we have to go out and execute, and do what we have been taught to do. If we can execute with attention to detail like they said, we should have no problem.


Q: First game is on the road, you have played a couple of games like this, what do those first few minutes like when you are on the sideline waiting for the kickoff, how do you feel?

A: Nervous, always! It is the first game of the season. But once the adrenaline kicks in, there is nothing like it. Everyone always asks, what does the crowd look like? What does the stadium look like? To me I can not even pay attention to that stuff because the adrenaline is running through my body so fast, all I can think about is what I am going to do on the next play, what am I going to do when I get out there on the field. I think everyone is going to be feeling that come this Saturday. It is going to be a great show for you guys!


Q: When you talk to a lineman, they talk about being nervous until they get that first hit and then it is game time. For a wide receiver, I am not sure you want that first hit. When is it that you get over that nervousness and can say "OK, we are playing a game now"?


A: The great thing about our team is we have Toby Gerhart, who is a phenomenal running back. Usually the first couple of times we get a run play and we get in there and we get to block a couple of times before we have to take a hit or run a route. So just for that, you get the enjoyment of getting in there and getting to block. So you get a little physical contact and that makes you recognize that it is a game and not just another practice out here. We get acclimated very quickly.


Q: How is the receiving corps coming together with new QB Andrew Luck?


A: Andrew Luck is just phenomenal. Every ball he throws is just perfect. You could not ask for better quarterback. But he has some competition from Tavita Pritchard. They are both are very good quarterbacks. It is wonderful having both quarterbacks that can do everything. The receiving corps, we are going to be really good. We say receiving corps, but we also know we have to go down there and block for our talented running backs. When we say receiving corps, we want to encompass everything. We are going to be doing a great job!


Q: Should we replace other words for receiving corps? Maybe just call you "total athletes"? (laugh)


A: The receivers have a tradition after practice. We get together with Coach Shaw and we say a few words, and then we break down on "corps". As important as we are to the receiving game, we are also important to the running game. Toby breaks tackles all the time, and he needs us downfield blocking for him so he can spring a touchdown. So when we say "corps" that gives us the pride to know that we are going to go out there and do whatever it takes to help our team win.


Q: Getting back to WSU, you trounced them last year... it is a whole new season and we will assume a better WSU team. How do you stay focused on WSU?


A: We are of the mindset that they are like the 2007 Stanford Cardinal. The 2006 Stanford Cardinal did not have a great season, but the 2007 team came out fighting and were ready to go to work. We have to think ofWashington State as the same. They did not have as great a season as they wanted last year, but they are going to come out and fight. They are not going to lay down. We are going in with the mindset like any other team. They have their scheme for us and we have our scheme for them. So it is going to be the team that executes better. Whatever happens, happens.

Dave Fowkes is a longtime Stanford Cardinal fan. Born at Stanford hospital and raised on the Peninsula, he has been a football season ticket holder since 1981. In that span he has only missed three home games, but of course never a Big Game. Dave currently works in media both on the air and behind the scenes in advertising sales. He has covered sports on and off since 1992. Currently he works as a traffic, news and sports man on several Bay Area radio stations under a few different on-air aliases. Dave blends the passion of being a fan with the perspective of being a reporter in his stories. For more Stanford football coverage by Dave Fowkes, you can read the "Stanford Football Examiner" at www.stanfordfootballreport.com  

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