BootPowerRatings™ - 9/8

The Bootleg's dusted off its trustworthy Power Mac, called in master technician TreeBoy and spit out the first instillation of the 2009 BootPowerRatings. Time will tell if the Card can back up an upper-division prediction, as Stanford checks in at No. 3.

USC 91
San Jose State was shown the downside to scheduling big pay dates as they took a whoopin' from Pac Ten cash cow $C. After the game, Spartan coach Dick Tomey was quoted as saying this was the best offensive line he had ever seen. No wonder Pete has no problems handing the keys to a true freshman. It will be interesting to see what sort of quotes Jim Tressel spins out if the Trojenz can finish what Navy started.

California 85
Before we go handing Kevin Riley the Heisman, let's not forget that he had an even better stat line against The Twerps last year (albeit in a loss) and is still the same guy who couldn't win the starting from whipping boy Nate Longshore for two seasons. Besides, the weenie offense starts and ends with Jhavid Best, who collected his ninth run of more than 60 yards in his highlight-reel career. Since he can no longer jerk his QB's around, Tedford Bear has instead made his kickoff specialist position a free for all. Stay tuned.

Stanford 80
Cardinalmaniacs were like kids on Christmas awaiting the debut of Andrew "The Truth" Luck, but it was Chris "Blow By" Owusu who stole the show at Martin Stadium on Saturday. Who knows how many more all purpose yards Chris could have racked up had he not had his bell rung in the third quarter, but hopefully he gets a chance to showcase his speed in Winston-Salem this weekend. Get your rooster ready as this one starts early.

Oregon State 78
Trying to avoid a slow start that has plagued them in seasons past, Mike Riley made sure the schedule was favorable for his sewer swimmers in the early going. After methodically dispatching the in-state Vikings, the Beavs hit the road to tangle with UNLV and then return home to seek revenge on Cincinnati. Having the Rodgers brothers back to full strength doesn't hurt either.

I know it seems like the Yokles are starting off too high on the rankings, but it's due mainly to the fact that Kevin "Pick Six" Craft has been supplanted behind center. Quarterback hasn't been the only black hole on the inept offense in Rickyville, as Derrick "Not the Former Net" Coleman's 29-yard touchdown run was the longest Bruin rumble in two years. A road trip to Knoxville means a run in with Loose Lips Lane and his Volunteers. Maybe the losers will have to pump the gas for the winners' bus afterward.

Arizona State 73
Pick on someone your own size Dennis. Where is Idaho State located you ask? Pocatello; the home of Napoleon Dynamite. The fact that this FCS Subdivision school only won one game last season means they are basically an aspiring NAIA team sent to slaughter in Tempe. They only managed a meager 37 yards of total offense, but they can hang their hat on holding ASU to three touchdowns on nine trips into the red zone. The competition stiffens as Louisiana Monroe comes calling next. Good thing the Devils have a bye week to come up with a genius game plan.

Oregon 70
The Ducks managed to avoid trouble while time bombs Maurice Morris and Onterrio Smith were in school, but their luck ran out last Thursday in Boise. With LaGarrette Blount now in football purgatory, the Tub Toys turn to freshman LaMichael James to carry the running back load and jump start their suddenly punchless offense. Meanwhile, LaChip Kelly is quickly realizing why LaMike Bellotti chose this season to promote himself.

Arizona 68
Having lost most of the firepower from their school-record setting offense of the last few years, 'Zona turned to their sophomore kicker Alex Zendejas to put points on the scoreboard. If that name sounds familiar, it should. Alex's father and two uncles held a monopoly on NFL place kicking in the 70's and 80's, paving the way for such family leg affairs as the Bahrs and Gramaticas. A 19-7 home win over a MAC team might not sound too inspiring, but considering the Kittens lost to New Mexico State last year, this comes as a sigh of relief.

Washington State 57
Normally, losing at home by 26 is not a reason to celebrate, but what Wazzu went through last season was anything but normal. Paul Wulff may have his team on the road to recovery, but his QB substitution pattern had both teams' fans scratching their heads. As if Pullman hasn't suffered enough lately, the campus went on full Swine Flu alert in the days leading up to the game. The scare didn't stop the students from showing up en masse, but a quarantine must have been in effect in the replay booth, as it was quite clearly no one was manning that station.

Washington 54
Don't let the close score against LSU fool you; this is still the same Dawg team that has now lost 15 in a row, and 22 of their last 24. With Locker back and 'Rone exiled, Purple Nation guarantees this recent string of futility will come to and end. If they can't get it done against the Vandals from Idaho this week, they might have to consider the possibility that they are Sarking up the wrong tree.

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