December Issue of The Bootleg Magazine

A month that was a little too quiet in Stanford sports with no bowl game, December still proved to be a hot month for our magazine. We supplied a prophetic look at Stanford basketball's big men, an insightful and artful recruiting commentary, a probing look at the Pac-10's football contracts and schedules, a comprehensive women's hoops preview, a tribute to the inspiring women's soccer story and much more!

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The December issue of The Bootleg magazine examines a broad range of topics: the prospects for our hoops team, recruiting, fiscal issues regarding the Pac-10 conference, women's soccer, San Francisco's new bowl, etc. Here is a brief description of each story:

  • We can only hope the injuries that plagued Cardinal gridders this forgettable fall were not harbingers of a similar fate for Monty's Men of Maples. While Chris Hernandez' foot heals, there's a mountain to climb for Julius, Josh, Matt, & Co. The biggest question mark is our front court: who will be the pivotal "tall trees" for the Cardinal in 2002/2003?
  • Recruiting is a topic guaranteed to arouse animated debates, year-round. Truth be told, there's usually a big piece of territory between a prized recruit and an eventual contributor to a program. Who will be the "Next Elway"? That precarious "Next" nametag! It involves the premature prognostication of pigskin prowess. We always get ahead of ourselves. BootBoard recruitniks are already talking about "The Next Teyo" when Teyo still needs to become "The First Teyo"! In American society, we seem obsessed with finding the next best thing. We want the next job, next diet, next house, next growth stock. None of it is necessarily rational or fair. However, as ardent sports fans, we crave a continuous frame of reference. We jump right in, comparing apples with oranges. And there is no better time of the year to discuss these rampant recruiting "Next" labels than right now.
  • Season's greetings, everyone. While it's cold and bitter this year for bowl-free Cardinalmaniacs, we look at the bowl topic from a conference perspective. We also examine the details of the Pac-10's television contracts, scheduling and potential expansion. Why did the Stanford game against Arizona State in Tempe in September kick off at the inhumane hour of 12:30 p.m.? Will the Oregon Ducks ever play at Stanford Stadium again? Will the Pac-10 become the Pac-12? Or, better yet, the 12-pack?
  • Speaking of bowls, there's a new one in Stanford country, just up the road at Pacific Bell Park on New Year's Eve. No Pa-10 representation, however. Stanford alum Gary Cavalli dreamed it up and runs the show. This new addition to the bowl season just happens to be pumping 10 million bucks into the local economy and filling 20,000 otherwise vacant San Francisco hotel rooms. The nervous officials peering into the City's lean coffers think about this often, so it's no surprise that the San Francisco Bowl has the eager blessing of Boosters by the Bay. Not to mention the 20 grateful hotels offering attractive bowl packages.
  • December is a transition month for sports, and the time for the annual metamorphosis of the LSJUMB, from rhythmic walking band to the stationary Red Vest Orchestra. What's up with the band these days? Where are their new digs now that the alumni center has "downsized" the old "Shak"?
  • When Stanford women's soccer took on defending national champion Santa Clara and ventured southbound on 101 for the opening game of the season, the outcome was a decidedly positive omen of things to come.  Stanford downed the then No. 1 Broncos, 3-0, in front of 6,000 fans at Buck Shaw Stadium, and rolled on to put together an historic season, including the program's first climb to the top of the ranks. As of press time, the women's soccer team still owned the #1 national ranking, sported a 16-1 record, were closing in on a perfect Pac-10 season, and have had all the look of a team that can earn the program's first-ever NCAA title.
  • Nicole Powell is primed to lead the women's hoops team back to national prominence. KZSU voice of Stanford women's basketball, Lilla Toal, takes a closer look at Tara's squad, 2002/2003 vintage. Eight returning players and four newcomers look to build upon last year's success, but don't expect them to look anything like their predecessors. The coaching staff has put together a motion offense that will definitely showcase the team's versatility and shooting touch.
  • In this month's edition of "the Hot List," we examine some of the Cardinal targets in the fast-changing world of recruiting. If your head spins with all the updates on the website, these two pages are the perfect pin-up for the corkboard in your office - replete with positions, rankings, height, weight and insightful updates.
  • Jim Rutter, our resident king of puzzles, brought us a special "Bowl Edition" crossword puzzle. You didn't forget about that 1937 bowl in Havana, Cuba, did you? Good luck!
  • Jeff in Corvallis, a regular poster on our website, provided a brilliant "Open Letter to Ted Leand" and we re-printed the letter in this issue of our magazine. His concern, like ours, is the lack of a plan for our football stadium. Don't know if Dr. Leland has yet to respond to Jeff...

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