January Issue of The Bootleg Magazine

If your New Year's resolutions did not include adding <i>The Bootleg Magazine</i> to your monthly mailbox stuffings, then it's time to straighten you out. January started off 2003 with a bang for this Prince of Print, including articles on the conference hoops season, the 80's Stanford hoops emergence, football expectations, Dollies, recruiting and more. And hold on tight for the exclusive interview with Buddy Teevens.

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The January issue of The Bootleg magazine is hoops-heavy with stories of past and present Cardinal Cagers™ but also loaded with football insights and recruiting scoop.....

  • On the heels of a criticized 2-9 season, head coach Buddy Teevens was willing and, in fact, eager to sit down with The Bootleg to talk candidly about the lessons of the 2002 season, and the immediate changes to follow for a better 2003. Chief Bootie Mike Eubanks provides this in-depth interview - a must-read for any concerned Cardinalmaniac™.
  • Pac-10 basketball is just getting underway and Monty’s guys will have to bite, scratch, bang and bump to continue their recent conference success. Chris Jaenike takes a closer look at how our league opponents stack up. Two spots in the conference standings appear to be locks – Arizona will finish in first place, and Washington State will finish tenth. Very little separates the other eight teams, and injuries and eligibility rulings could influence the standings more than usual.
  • 1989, you’ll recall, was a watershed year for Stanford men’s hoops. But the recruits who showed the way arrived on the Farm even earlier. We take a fond look back at the ghosts of hoops past. After all, without the likes of Todd Lichti, Howard Wright, Scott Meinert, Terry Taylor, Eric Reveno and Bryan McSweeney, Stanford hoops wouldn't be nearly as decorated and highly regarded as it is today.
  • In 2003, Buddy aims to reside on the “plus-side” of the win/loss ledger and help us to quickly erase the grotesque memories of 2002. If not, the consequences could be grave says Stan DeVaughn, our magazine editor. Here is a sample: "Injuries are an inevitable part of this game, as every coach worth his whistle will tell anyone who will listen. And any assessment of Stanford football 2002 begins and ends with a sobering medical report. Still, we’ve just endured a year-to-year drop-off that makes El Capitan in Yosemite look like the bunny slopes at Heavenly Valley. You have to look at some telecom companies to find bigger flops and less competitive outfits".
  • Troy Clardy has your ticket (get it?) for Cardinal-style resolutions for the new year. "I pay my student loans (on time, mostly). Stanford Stadium, Maples Pavilion, and Sunken Diamond become my hangouts in the fall, winter, and spring, respectively. But surely I can do more than that. What resolutions can I make as a fan of Stanford sports?"
  • Our Dollie of the Month Malia Skaer gives us a rare glimpse into Stanford’s “visual spirit” with insights only a Dollie can furnish. Are they cheerleaders? Are they a drill team? Who exactly are the Stanford Dollies?
  • Our freshmen hoopsters are making big contributions this season, but just how well do you know them and their stories?  We take a closer look in this article at their varied stories that brought them from all corners of the country to The Farm, and what talents they bring that can contribute today and down the road for Stanford men's hoops.
  • In this month's edition of "the Hot List," we examine some of the targets of the Cardinal's football recruiting efforts as we near signing day (Feb. 5). If your head spins with all the updates on the website, these two pages are the perfect pin-up for the corkboard in your office - replete with positions, rankings, height, weight and insightful updates.

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