SG Brown to visit Stanford, decide soon after

Anthony Brown (Huntington Beach, Calif.) is's No. 7 small forward in the Class of 2010, a solid four-star prospect. His three finalists – Stanford, UCLA and Cal – are recruiting him as a point guard, however. Hear from Brown on the eve of his final official visit to Stanford – what's his latest thinking?

Anthony Brown will be making his final official visit this weekend, to Stanford, and hopes to commit to either the Cardinal, UCLA or Cal soon after.

He's read the internet reports that Cal is running in third, but Brown insists Mike Montgomery and the Bears remain a viable option.

"All three are even," Brown said. "Definitely, I hear a lot of, ‘Oh, he's going to UCLA hands down, or Stanford hands down,' but all three schools are even. I think that's just because of the prestige of UCLA and because of the great academics of Stanford, and I have great academics.' But there's no validity to that at all."

Brown added that while he views his three finalists as similar in many regards, there was one factor that separated them.

"It's the ability to come in and make an impact," he said. "At UCLA, there are a lot of really highly-recruited players and they've been there already, so you've got to wait a couple of years. With Cal and Stanford, though, they're losing a lot of seniors after this year."

Whichever college he selects, Brown hopes to decide on a destination soon.

"Hopefully, [I'll decide] within the next few weeks," he said. "The key things will be my relationship with the coach, how I fit in with the players and how the players interact with the coaches – just basically my relationship with the coach and the players."

And as a highly coveted recruit, Brown has had the opportunity to get to know well three coaches with distinct personalities and backgrounds in Johnny Dawkins, Ben Howland and Mike Montgomery. Each coach has made a profound impact on Brown, as he hints at in describing each of his three candidate schools.

"First off, all three have great academic institutions. UCLA – there's the tradition and Coach Howland is a good coach who gets people to the next level. At Cal, Mike Montgomery was a great coach at Stanford and has a reputation for getting the best out of his players. At Stanford, Coach Dawkins was learning from, probably, one of the best coaches ever, and was a very good player himself.

"Coach Dawkins, I've known for longest. He just mostly talks about how he was where I was -- went to all of the camps, was highly recruited, had a choice of all these schools and chose where he could make the fastest impact. Coach Howland says if you come here, people who come here get a good education, it's close to home and gets you ready for next level, and Coach Monty just talks about what he's done at Stanford -- which is very hard to do, getting that great run -- and he's had a lot of success. He thinks with the 2010 class he's trying to get, Cal's going to come to the top of the conference."

On the court, all three schools do see Brown as a two, or shooting guard. However, the 6'6" 185-pound Brown is a versatile player, and specifically mentioned Coach Dawkins as someone who envisions him helping his college team in multiple ways.

"Coach Dawkins has been talking about me as a Grant Hill- or Landry Fields-type," Brown said. "He believes I'm a two in college, but with the ability to get a rebound and push it as a one [point guard]. That's the biggest thing, but he thinks that I'm a key part that he needs to this puzzle."

In order for Coach Dawkins and his staff to have a shot at Brown, however, he obviously must gain admittance to Stanford. Luckily for both parties, Brown received a favorable phone call from his prospective head coach just a month ago.

"I was at my house and Coach Dawkins called and said I'd just been admitted and congratulations," Brown said. "The first thing I said was ‘Thank you,' and then I gave the phone to my dad so [Dawkins] could tell him too.

"I'm very excited to know. Just to be admitted to a place with that high-caliber of academics -- all my hard work I've put in the last 16 years and through grade school to get in to a top University, just to get admitted [was worth it]."

While Anthony Brown made sure his dad was among the first to know of his admittance to Stanford, the younger Brown insists that his college decision will primarily be his to make.

"My parents are a pretty strong influence, but it'll mostly be my decision," Brown said. "If they do have a favorite, they haven't shared it with me and probably keep it between themselves. … All three have really good academics, so I can't go wrong there. So it comes down to a place where I feel most comfortable basketball-wise."

Taking official visits to all three campuses is central to Brown deciding where he'll be most comfortable. Brown, who knows commits from all three schools, has taken officials to UCLA and Cal already, and is going to Stanford this weekend.

"I want to see how school is during school, since school's started with all the students," Brown said in anticipation of this weekend's official visit. "I just want to see the atmosphere at the football game, the atmosphere when I meet the players. I've never really met them and so I want to see how they like everything."

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