Top Receiver Recruit Down to Two

Once left for dead, the Stanford Cardinal have raced back into a position of strength in the recruitment of top SoCal receiver Mark Bradford. A pair of Stanford coaches visited him recently, but Bradford also has been paid visits by head coaches of three top competing programs. What does he have to say about the five contending schools and who has survived the cut to two?

This time a week ago, elite Los Angeles receiver recruit Mark Bradford had four teams atop his list, with a fifth waiting in the wings pending a favorable unofficial visit this weekend.  Then in the blink of an eye, Bradford has taken that quick trip and met with three head coaches, leading him to whittle his list down to just two.  Last night he told The Bootleg that his recruitment has narrowed down to Stanford and LSU, with the other three schools trailing and/or out of the picture.

Notre Dame: "They might be number three, but I don't think anything can happen at this point to bump them up.  Their offense isn't as attractive as Stanford and LSU, and they got those two great receivers last year."  This after Tyrone Willingham spent a good deal of Thursday in town visiting Bradford

USC:  "I just don't have a good feeling there, but I'm taking an unofficial trip this Thursday to verify that it isn't the right place for me."

UCLA:  "Coach Dorrell visited me Tuesday, and then I took an unofficial visit there on Saturday.  It was a good trip, but nothing extra special enough."

LSU head coach Nick Saban was also in town visiting Bradford on Thursday, and continues to make a big splash with the wideout.  "LSU is a little ahead of Stanford right now, but that's because I haven't been admitted to Stanford yet.  If I do get admitted, that will pull the two schools even," he states.

So how then does he decide on two very different schools, both literally and figuratively in two different worlds?  He has isolated the positives of each place and articulated them for us:

"LSU offers the SEC experience.  They have football stadiums packed with people, and you get to play in front of 90 thousand people.  Football is God down there.  At Stanford, I get to stay on the West Coast.  There is beautiful weather and beautiful scenery.  Stanford of course offers the top education, which puts me in an excellent position after I finish school."

But in order for Bradford to make his decision, he still has to complete his Stanford admissions application.  He had expected to send it via FedEx Monday, but still needed to get some signatures and completed teacher recommendations Tuesday.  The current plan is to get it sent out today and into Stanford's hands as soon as possible.  Cardinal coaches Tom Williams and David Kelly visited Bradford Saturday, and the application was a primary topic of interest.  The coaches indicated that if they can receive it early this week, they hope to rush it through and get a timely answer from the admissions office.  Pending that answer, little will happen in this recruitment.  But if Bradford can get admitted, the Card have at least a 50/50 shot on this one.

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