The Stanford Difference: Dallas Lloyd

It's not your average recruit who'll shift seamlessly from talking about a 5-0 season to a possible two-year religious mission in Brazil, but Dallas Lloyd isn't your average recruit, just like Stanford isn't your average University. Bootleggers know plenty about Stanford, but read on to learn more about the Card's (well into the) future quarterback in a can't-miss feature, if we say so ourselves.

Pleasant Grove, Utah has been living up to its name recently, with the local high school 5-0 on the gridiron, thanks in no small part to the star senior quarterback, Stanford commit Dallas Lloyd.

"Everything's going really well," Dallas Lloyd said. "Football season is going great so far. I'm working on application and it's going really well. I'm happy with everything and still 100 percent committed to the Cardinal."

Lloyd and the Vikings started their season with a statement in Provo, Utah, home of three-time defending state champion Timpview HS. Lloyd was 6-of-14 for 172 yards, two touchdowns, an interception and 38 rushing yards in the game – hardly the surreal numbers Division I-caliber high schoolers usually put up, but enough to get the job done against the state's then-No. 1 team. Timpview walked away from its season opener with a hard-earned 16-10 victory, and ever since, the sledding has proven much easier going for Lloyd and the Vikings.

The Vikings have handled their last four opponents by double-digit margins, as Lloyd's stats have picked up too: the four-star, 6-foot-3, 205-pound quarterback has now thrown for 12 touchdowns and just three interceptions on 55 percent accuracy, run for three more scores, and accounted for 1,179 total yards. Lloyd, however, takes the maxim of the final score being the only stat that matters quite literally – he doesn't even know his stats.

"We're undefeated -- now we're 5-0," Lloyd said. "I've been playing really well. I've thrown, shoot, I don't even know, 14 or 15 touchdowns and I've ran probably five, but I have no idea of my yards."

True to the team-first image Lloyd projects, while he doesn't know his exact stats, he does know exactly where he's been working hard this season to improve.

"I've noticed a big improvement in my footwork and in my arm strength and my decision making," he said. "Just naturally growing from a junior to a senior, as you gain experience and talent, it's just a natural thing. … That football instinct: I still have it. That hasn't changed."

Perhaps it's that killer instinct which is showing itself on the Stanford application, which Lloyd is bravely charging through.

"I've done most of it," he said. I've written two essays and still have two more to write, but I've given out teacher recommendations and all that stuff and filled out the first part too."

Paperwork is the name of the game in high school recruiting, whether it be transcripts, applications or, of course, letters from colleges. Lloyd says he still receives no shortage of the latter, but what he does with those letters will make Stanford fans mighty proud.

"I get letters all the time, but I just toss them in the trash," Lloyd said. "Kansas has been mailing me a lot as has Miami [Florida]. . .. I haven't gotten any calls from coaches though."

As a Mormon, or Latter-day Saint (LDS), Lloyd has been filling out more papers yet, these in preparation for a two-year mission that could take him quite literally anywhere on God's green earth.

"Right after I graduate this year in June, at end of my senior year, I'll leave and go [on mission] for two years," said Lloyd, in no surprise to fans who have followed his recruitment. "Then I'll get back and see how I'm doing, and probably redshirt my first year I get down there.

"Basically, you fill out papers and send them in, and they decide where you go. Most countries in the world have missionaries there -- anywhere in the US, South America, Europe, Africa. You don't have a say, but are just happy with where you go because that's where you supposed to be."

Lloyd adds that the prophet of his church [since 2008, Thomas Monson] will decide where Lloyd undertakes his mission after reading about Lloyd and discussing the young man with church leaders who know Lloyd well.

"I think it'd be cool to stay in the US, but if I could learn a different language or experience a different culture than here, I think that'd be ideal; that'd be the best for me," Lloyd said."Like Brazil: a lot of missionaries go to Brazil and learn Portuguese."

Wherever the next two years take Lloyd, he knows transitioning back into civilian life, both mentally and physically, will be a challenge.

"It's going to be hard to get back in physical shape," he said. "There are things I can do to work out when I'm gone, but it's nothing like football shape. I don't know if it'll be a culture shock too to leave and go out in the world by myself, and then get back when I'm 20 and just go down to Stanford. I'll definitely have to make adjustments, but that's how life goes. I'm excited and I'm happy with this whole situation."

Lloyd says he'll find out his mission destination come spring, and as soon as he gets the word, The Bootleg will be excited to report where the future Cardinal quarterback will be spending two formative years. Stay tuned for the latest on Lloyd's mission, and whether he can make good on his goal of bringing a state title back home to Pleasant Grove.

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