Huestis Done With Visits?

Last weekend, Josh Huestis and his family tripped to Palo Alto for his official visit to Stanford. The Bootleg caught up with the 6-foot-7 forward from Montana for the latest on his recruitment.

Over the weekend, Josh Huestis made an official visit to the Palo Alto, Calif. campus of Stanford. The visit, marked the third time the 6-foot-7 forward from Great Falls (Mont.) C.M. Russell hit the official trail after he took September visits to the campuses of USC and Harvard.

While he may still visit Georgetown officially, Huestis looks to be closing in on a decision.

"For now I'm done," said Huestis when asked if he had any more visits planned. "I don't have any more set up. I don't know if I'll continue taking visits or if I'm done, I'll still have to talk to my family and make a decision."

While he's always felt that he can handle the basketball side of things, Huestis wasn't quite sure what to expect headed into the visit process. What he found was that he'd be sitting in on a lot of meetings while making new friends.

"I didn't really have a whole lot of expectations, just an idea of what would happen," said Huestis. "I didn't know there would be so many meetings. You meet pretty much everybody and anybody worth knowing on campus which is pretty cool because they are showing you how important they take things. You make a lot of new friends."

"You don't spend as much time with the coaches as you do with the people on campus. You get to learn about the people who are going to be around you which is good."

During his visit to the Farm, Huestis was able to experience a little something extra that he hadn't on other visits due to the timing of his trip.

"When I went to Stanford I got to see a lot more because they had started official practices," Huestis told The Bootleg. "So I was able to watch a whole practice and see how they run things. I got to see Coach Dawkins in action which was great."

As for his impression of the entire Stanford experience, Huestis walked away impressed. Not just with the campus and academics, but with the job Johnny Dawkins and his staff are doing in building the basketball program and the resources available to them.

"It's a beautiful place," said Huestis. "There definitely aren't many college campuses that beautiful. The weather is perfect. It was like 75 degres and sunny on my visit and you've got the palm trees, it's amazing. The coaches are great. They definitely have something going down there to when you see the commitments from the four players they've gotten. They are all great players."

Now, it's a matter of sitting down with his family and processing all of the information that he's taken in. Huestis is hopeful to reach a decision sooner than later, but if need be he will look into more visits. Regardless of which direction he heads, he feels like he's in a no lose situation and wouldn't trade his position with anybody.

"Both my parents went with me to Stanford and just my dad went with me to Harvard," said Huestis of what he and his family will discuss when making a decision. "It's tough for somebody my age to do this but we have to sit down and I have to look ahead five years and get an idea of where I'll be. I'll have to look at how everything at each school will impact me to see how that could change where I'll be. After that, I'll be able to be sure." "It can be stressful sometimes, but I wouldn't trade it."

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