2011 Recruiting Profile: DT Todd Peat, Jr.

Sure, there is some work to do in the classroom, but Todd Peat, Jr. is one of the biggest targets for the Cardinal in the class of 2011, when talented defensive tackles will continue to be high on Stanford's recruiting "wish list". The Peats knows football and already know Coach Harbaugh, so we are definitely in the game here. Read on to hear about the Peat family's recent visit to Palo Alto.

2011 Recruiting Profile: DT Todd Peat, Jr.

With early offers from Stanford, Wake Forest, and Arizona State as well as high interest from LSU, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida State, Georgia, Nebraska, and others, elite 2011 defensive tackle Todd Peat, Jr. (Corona del Sol High School, Tempe, Ariz.)  should have his choice of schools when he finally makes a college commitment.

But don't expect that to happen any time soon.
Peat said he expects his recruitment to last "until signing day." In the meantime, the son of former NFL offensive guard Todd Peat, Sr. plans on leading the most thoroughly researched and well though-out recruitment possible before narrowing down his list to five or ten schools over the summer.

"I just want to take in as much information as I can and really check up on a program so I can know what I'm getting into," Peat said."

So far, he has visited Arizona State, Arizona, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Clemson, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wake Forest, to name a few.

Peat's most recent visit was to Stanford for the Arizona State game last weekend. He flew up with his brother Andrus Peat, his mom, and his grandparents and the family spent almost all of Saturday and Sunday on The Farm.

"I toured all the facilities and everything, even sat down with some professors, sat down with my position coach [Lance Anderson], Coach Harbaugh, and the defensive coordinator [Ron Lynn] too," Peat said. "Then we went to the game. I was really impressed by the team and at the end of the visit they ended up offering my younger brother, which was a huge plus."

Peat's younger brother, Andrus Peat, is expected to be an elite national recruit in the class of 2012, and is sure to pick up many more offers before its time for him to pick a school.

The elder Peat admits that he has thought about playing with Andrus in college, and would relish the opportunity.

"We'd like to go to school together, but if that doesn't work out, we can live with that."

Either way, Peat has some familiarity with the Stanford program. His cousin is a good friend of sixth-year Stanford offensive lineman (and Corona del Sol graduate) Allen Smith.


"I've talked to Allen before," Peat said. "He's actually really good friends with my cousin and he comes by here in the summers and everything. He talked to me about Stanford a couple times and said it was a really good school and it was neat to have the opportunity to be able to go there."

Peat's connections to Stanford don't stop there, however. Todd Peat, Sr. was an NFL guard for six seasons in the late 1980's and early 1990's for the Cardinals and Raiders and he matched up with current Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh when Harbaugh was with the Chicago Bears.

"He and my dad know each other," Peat said. "They played at the same time."

The younger Peat was able to spend a little one-on-one time with the Cardinal head coach on his visit.

"He was a really good guy," Peat said of Harbaugh. "They really want us to be down there badly and I think he was really sincere in everything he was saying. And I really like the fact that he's a young guy. He just seemed like a great guy."

It will be a tall task, however, for Harbaugh and the rest of the Stanford coaching staff to earn the commitment of Peat over his many other suitors.

Peat thinks that he could be getting offers from LSU, Notre Dame, Miami, Arizona, and UCLA sooner rather than later in addition to the three offers he already has. Many of those schools place a large emphasis on football, and Peat admits that he would prefer attending a football-crazed school.

"I really like colleges that are really football schools, where football is really a big part of the culture," Peat said. "The education is really important too. A good education and you get the best at Stanford, but I have to like my position coach and I really like coach Anderson at Stanford. A big fan base is a great thing to have too."

While Stanford would obviously offer a superior academic experience and competitive football, Stanford doesn't exactly a epitomize a traditional football power with a big fan base. And while it's hard to predict how Stanford football will develop over the upcoming seasons, Peat seems fairly confident that there will be a football revival of sorts on The Farm.

"The thing is, if I time it right, Stanford looks like a program that's on the rise," Peat said. "If I time it, I'll get in at the same time the football program is really going up."

And it's recruiting players like Peat that will help the Cardinal continue on that upward trajectory. A 6-3, 285 pound interior lineman, Peat is athletic enough to contribute to the pass rush and strong enough to hold his own against the run.

"I'm really athletic and I can run and I can give offensive linemen fits, but I can also stand in there in the running game and I'm strong enough," Peat said. "I'm a good pass-rusher."

But before the Stanford coaches get too excited about watching young Peat in Cardinal and White, the recruit must first pass through the school's daunting admissions process.

"I know it's a lot of hard work, but I think in the end, it's all worth it," Peat said.  "I'm doing all right [academically]. I have a 3.0 GPA. I still haven't taken the SAT, but I plan on taking that in the winter."

Recruiting Quote of the Week:

"If you really want to hit the crooks (USC, Cal), you've really got to hit the books!" - "Emeritus", 2009

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