The Rattlesnake Boogie Edition

The Bootleg's "Expert Analyst - Guards," former lights-out shooting guard "roscoemaynard" (1984-89) offers up to the Stanford Hoops faithful his review and commentary of the Cardinal's guards following their home game this past Saturday afternoon versus the Florida A&M Rattlers.

This one will be down and dirty folks, since I saw almost none of the Oral Roberts game on the Internet.  So, a quick bit about the exciting Florida A&M Rattlers game, so cue The Cult-Electric Album, The Rattlesnake Boogie and let 'er fly.  But wait, what is the deal with the Booties throwing up airballs from half-court all the time?  Let's try boxers guys, okay, and maybe some butt coil.

Hey, if we learned nothing from the last two games, it is this...typically we will beat teams that come out wearing four different colors of shoes in the starting lineup.  Not only is it a bad look, but it typically bespeaks of lack of attention to detail or lack of resources within the program, or both.  So, I figured we had the Rattlers bagged before teams went to jumpers in warmups.

Oh, and Jarrett Mann, way to step up!  Lots of games left to play, but Jarrett owned the floor against the Rattlers and his line did not do justice to the manner in which he controlled tempo on both ends and set up the game for his teammates.  Any luck at all, and he has 12 assists or so in this game.  Big guys dropping passes or snake juggling them hurt his cause.  I also liked several of his mid-range shots off the bounce, particularly one in the second half where he recognized clock, showed patience, made a good fake right and took one dribble left between two defenders, slipped between and over them and banked in a running left leg jumper from 11 feet off glass.  Why did I like it?  He was in complete control, no desperation at all.  Not only was it good situational basketball, but it takes a lot of confidence and talent to execute that shot, and it takes being willing to create and take a tough shot and miss it late in the clock!  That is the definition of "stepping up."  It was kinky control.  Now, go do it against the Wahoos!

Jeremy Green is now in the starting lineup.  Nice to see him out there.  He may still not have complete health in the ankle, but his game legs are back when he goes off of two feet and his rhythm is definitely there.  Against the snakes he was also the beneficiary of truly crappy defense - gotta love that.  He got two uncontested three-pointers off of inbounds plays where he was the first option on the ball side of the court.  I haven't seen anything that bad since South Albany v. South Salem in Albany in 1982.  And Drew got another one.  Schedule these Rattlers every year, Coach!  Great shooting aside, he was 4-7 from deep and 5-6 from stripe, which is great shooting, Green went and got eight rebounds and a number of them were "high" rebounds.

Drew Shiller continues to be damn solid this season.  People can say what they want about his physical ability, but the guy has played with confidence, great shooting fundamentals, opportunistic defense, and not a hint of attitude about his not being in the starting lineup some nights. I didn't see enough of ORU to know why he missed, but was told by a good source that the ball just didn't go down.  Against the Rattlers he was the perfect on his shot preparation, his recognition of when he was open, and he put the ball on the floor several times with real good results.  But, I want to emphasize that beating a stinky team is one thing, but playing hard every minute on the defensive end is where, to me, Drew and Emmanuel Igbinosa really came through.  They figured out the Rattlers offense and really sat down in interior passing lanes and picked off the weak, flippy, interior bailout garbage.  The small lineup we used will be very effective if Shiller and Mann et al. continue to "get down" into the paint and help like that.

Which brings me to Igbinosa.  Does he want to be a dentist too?  Dude, way to play!  Way to shoot, way to defend.  Ten points and four steals in 17 minutes.  Hold the follow through Iggy, hold the follow through!  Coaches have wet dreams about guys that come in off the bench and get four steals in 17 minutes.  Don't they Coach McGrath?

Final thoughts:  I saw two Stanford bigs clobber guys and put them on the line to earn their points.  It's about time!  Warmed my heart.  Met Treetop finally and enjoyed chatting with him during the first half.  He scored me some seriously sweet Big Game tickets.  Muchas Gracias Senior.  It is really hard to tell how good we are given our limitations in the paint, but if Green and Fields can combine for 19 rebounds every game and we can just play more physically in the interior...maybe we can the Hoo out Wahoo in Cancun.  Vamos muchachos, Vamos!

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