2010 Unwrapped: Mo. WR Marcus Lucas

With the decommitment of wide receiver Tai-ler Jones to Notre Dame, the Stanford Cardinal lost one of their first 2010 commits, and, more importantly, a bona-fide playmaker. As the Stanford coaching staff has been scouring the nation for a possible replacement, another four-star wideout has emerged as a candidate to be a top-flight playmaker.

Four-star receiver Marcus Lucas from Liberty High School in Liberty, Mo. is Scout's No. 14 receiver in the 2010 class (vs. Jones' rank of No. 21). He has offers from schools coast to coast, but has recently whittled down his college list to five schools: Stanford, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri.

A few weekends ago, Lucas was able to make the trip out to Palo Alto for his Stanford official visit.

"It was definitely a good visit," Lucas said. "I expected a lot and I got a lot. I've heard a lot of good things about Stanford and I finally got to see what everyone has been talking about. It was definitely a good time."

Lucas and his grandmother arrived in the Bay Area on Thursday night and started the visit Friday morning.

With Big Game week festivities in full swing, Lucas wasn't able to spend as much time getting to know the Cardinal players as he may have liked, but did get a good sense for what Stanford has to offer.

"Friday we just looked through the campus and saw different spots around Stanford," Lucas said. "They just showed us around. We sat in on a class and talked to some professors - it was pretty cool.

"Saturday was just basically team meetings. We also went to the academic center and then we got ready for the game. It was okay, it was more getting to see what people do on game day."

While Stanford may have lost to the Bears, Lucas wasn't disappointed in the Cardinal's efforts.

"It was a good game, a dogfight and everyone knew it would be," Lucas said. "It was good to see some positives even though they didn't win."

Lucas is also cognizant of the fact that despite quarterback Andrew Luck's struggles, it would be beneficial to play with a likely first-round NFL draft pick for a few seasons.

"You can watch tape of him and it talks for itself," Lucas said. "When you see him throw its almost effortless and he puts it on the money. You can't judge everything off of one game and I'm definitely not doing that. With them being on national stage recently you can definitely see some good things."

Before returning home to Missouri, Lucas did have one experience unique to Stanford that he has likely shared with friends and family.

"As you walk into the [Memorial] Church there are these regular floor mats where you wipe your feet," Lucas said. "I was wiping my feet off and then my grandma wiped her feet off and she looked down and the bottom of the church on the floor was a mosaic and it had an angel. My last name was under it and I was like, ‘Oh, that's pretty cool.' But then I was looking around - there were four of them - and the one next to it had my first name, Marcus. It was really weird and that was probably the coolest part."

Lucas originally started hearing from the Cardinal in his junior year. At 6-foot-4, he has a height advantage on many corners not shared by a number of other Cardinal receivers or prospects.

"They said that there are not very many tall receivers, and that would definitely be a plus for me," Lucas said. "Balls that you can go up and get, they're using the tight end right now, but that's definitely one of the things that they said they needed me for. I'd be playing the Z receiver most likely. That's what I play."

Lucas has no commitment timetable, although he has been selected to play in the US Army All-American Bowl on January 9.

"Whenever I feel like the decision is right that's when I'm going to make it, whether it be at the end of the year, the beginning of next year or Signing Day," Lucas said. "I'm not sure yet."

Lucas said that decision would largely be based off of a team's chances for success in future years, academics, and his relationship with the players.

"Just like how the team is doing this year and where they're going," Lucas said. "The education is big for my family, and definitely with Stanford that's a given. Then I want to know if I can see myself playing there and see myself out on the field with the guys and winning games."

As is the case with many out-of-state prospects, distance may also play a role in Lucas' decision. His mother, Monique, played basketball for Missouri in the late 1980's and there will likely be significant pressure on Lucas to stay home.

"It's definitely going to be hard for me to leave my mom," Lucas said. "I'm an only child and it's definitely going to be a hard thing if I decide to leave, but if it's what best for me, then it won't be that big of an issue."

The four-star prospect reports a 3.7 GPA and a 23 ACT score. He says he "probably" plans to take the test again, as he originally took the test back in sophomore year.

Lucas has a copy of the Stanford application and has started to fill it out, but has yet to make significant headway on the essay portion. He does plan to send it in by the December 15 deadline.

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