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As we are putting the very final touches on the 2003 Cardinal Recruiting Yearbook, we are proud to tell you that this concept has been transformed into a blockbuster must-have publication. But time is slipping away to place your order that will secure you this amazing magazine jam-packed with rankings, stats, predictions, inside scoop and the amazing stories behind these 25 Stanford football signees. Read on for a full description of what we have put into this magazine, and how to order.

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It's been more than a month since we announced this one-of-a-kind beauty, and we at The Bootleg have been slaving over it ever since.  We are in the final hours of production, and have amazed ourselves at just how fantastic this gem has turned out.  The 2003 Cardinal Recruiting Yearbook is the definitive treatise on this special and spacious Stanford football class.  We have completed profiles on not just the "headliners" that you have followed on our website with so much scrutiny over the past few months, but on every single one of the 25 recruits in this class.  This special yearbook gives deep info and insight on all 25 standout incoming Stanford freshmen, including:

  • Complete and detailed senior statistics, plus junior numbers and basketball averages for many.  Even down to the grading and pancake blocks for the offensive linemen!
  • Comprehensive honors and rankings.  If you want to know what the top recruiting services say, as a predictor and also as a great point of reflection down the road, we have it all.  Who was All-State?  Who was All-American?  Who was a national Top 100 recruit?  We've got the most complete data you can ever hope for, concisely compacted.
  • Coaches' comments.  Perhaps the most unique and invaluable part of this yearbook, we have insightful quotes and evaluations from the relevant Stanford coaches on every single recruit!  Unless you have lunch this weekend with Buddy Teevens or David Kelly, you won't find this anywhere else - guaranteed.
  • Who Stanford beat out for each of these signees, including a few surprise nuggets about schools you didn't know that made late runs and almost snagged our stars out from under us.
  • Background info that fills out the story of each recruit, including what positions they have played in high school, what assets they bring to the table right away, and what size bodies they might fill out a few years down the road.  Additionally, several of these special kids have very special stories to tell, and we break them out for you in full expansiveness and living color.
  • Photos!  That's right.  Put a face with the name for every one of these future Stanford stars, not to mention a good look at what their bodies offer today.

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There will be two and only two ways you can get this priceless keepsake.  Either you place an order today for The Bootleg Magazine, or place an order for the Total Access Plus website subscription, which includes a year of our magnificent magazine.  But if you place your order after today (February 14), you will miss out forever on the first and most fabulous magazine of its kind for Stanford football.  Once again, the deadline is upon us, and you must place your order today, at which time the printer has to move all the mailing addresses in the subscription database to the printing press.  If you delay your order, you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of regret, not to mention placing yourself into the miserable masses who will not really know the inside scoop on this crucial class that will make up more than a quarter of this fall's roster... including several who will play and make impacts their first year.

And that's the kind of analysis and insight you can get in this issue.  And not just looking back at these kids' high school pasts, we deliver the inside scoop on what we and the coaches say is expected to come:

  • Predictions of who will play as true freshmen, and at what positions
  • Who are the biggest stars and most intriguing talents that slipped away, including which school you will be watching them suit up the next four years
  • What does the size of this class tell us about the expected junior class, as well as what we know are the must-have positions for the 2004 group
  • Who will be playing more than just football at The Farm

But we go one step further to deliver even more that touches on the history and future of Stanford Athletics, as we so brilliantly bring you every month in the magazine:

  • A detailed comparison of this first full Buddy Teevens recruiting class as it stacks up at every position against Tyrone Willingham's first full recruiting class seven years ago.
  • Part II of our much-acclaimed series on the State of Stanford Football, which takes a long view at the historical patterns and lessons of this program over its 100+ year history.
  • A big basketball bonus: we unveil a very special and timely look at one of your favorite hoops stars, and how he will determine the post-season prospects for this exciting Stanford men's basketball squad.

This is bar none the most amazing and information-packed magazine we have put out to date.  By the time you finish reading it, we feel confident that you'll feel satiated and infinitely satisfied.  The value of a year's subscription is stuffed into this one blockbuster issue, and to think that your subscription today can bring you an entire year of this bad boy... well, it's a no-brainer.  Pick your subscription package below and order today!!!

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