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The math is difficult for any school: sign too few players and you're at a competitive disadvantage, sign too many players and you're in an NCAA and moral dilemma. For Stanford, of course, in addition to the normal question of how many recruiting battles the school will win, there's the very real question of Admissions, which could prevent would-be commits from enrolling...

Here then is our best guess at how Stanford's board looks today, Jan. 21, 13 days before Signing Day.

Nominal class

1. QB Brett Nottingham
(QB Dallas Lloyd)
2. QB/ATH Darren Daniel

3. RB Anthony Wilkerson
4. RB Brandon Bourbon

5. RB Ricky Seale

6. WR Jarrod West
7. WR/CB Keanu Nelson

8. TE Davis Dudchock

9. OL Cameron Fleming
10. OL Dillon Bonnell
11. OL David Yankey
12. OL Cole Underwood

13. DL Stealth 1
14. DL Stealth 2
15. DL Henry Anderson
16. DL Alex Turner
17. DL Eddie Plantaric
13b. DL Stealth 3

18. LB Jordan Zumwalt
19. LB Blake Lueders
20. LB Cleo Robinson (not yet admitted, contrary to prior reports)
21. LB Joe Hemschoot
22. LB AJ Tarpley

23. S Devon Carrington
24. S Ed Reynolds

25. CB Louis Young
26. DB Stealth
27. CB/S Barry Browning (offered before his junior year – we like this guy!)

28. K Jordan Williamson



Players are listed in approximate depth-chart order, though don't read too deeply, as the pecking order at multiple positions is practically too close to call. (More on all those positions later.)


Players are also listed by the position(s) they're most likely to play in college. Note that while the staff views offensive linemen and linebackers as rather interchangeable, there is more of a delineation between safety and cornerback. Stanford's strong at safety with Carrington, whom the staff loves, and Reynolds, but depending on Louis Young's admission status and the final positions of Barry Browning and Keanu Nelson, cornerback could be dicier.


The 17 bolded recruits above have been admitted. Note that 11 of 13 on offense have been admitted, while just five of 15 on defense have received the good word. That's one reason Stanford has all its stealth recruits on the defensive side of the ball. More on that in our next piece…

Tight ends

After last year's monster haul, it's understandable and perhaps desirable, but notice the lack of listed tight ends in this prospective class. Obviously players can switch positions in a hurry though. One final thought on tight end recruiting: we hear more and more whispers about how Levine Toilolo is the real deal. If he does indeed lock down a significant role on next year's team, that frees up a lot of 260-280 pound players, as Matt Squeri frequently discusses, to make contributions elsewhere on the team, be it on a line, at linebacker or fullback or on special teams.


There will be no visits this upcoming weekend of Jan. 23, but on the weekend of Jan. 30, expect stealth recruits, walk-on candidates and last-minute deciders to be among those on campus.

Stay tuned for much more insider information on the defensive uncertainty Stanford faces, and the major conclusions we can draw from this class thus far.

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