Calif. '10 RB Seale pumped to commit to Card

To claim that the days leading up to National Signing Day were stressful for Escondido, Calif. running back Ricky Seale would be a huge understatement. Seale narrowed down his list of college choices to San Diego State and Stanford months before signing day, and had made it abundantly clear that he was Palo Alto bound if Stanford accepted him. But as Seale can attest, that was no sure thing.

After sending in his Stanford application a week and a half before signing day, Ricky Seale endured day after day of agonizing waiting. He called the Stanford coaches daily, longing for any updates on his application status.

On the morning of Signing Day, Seale finally got an answer when Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh called to break the news.

"He just called and was like, ‘Hey man, you got in, are you ready to come up here and play?'" Seale said. "I didn't really know what to say at first. It still hasn't hit me that I got in yet."

When news of his acceptance finally does sink in, Seale will likely look back on the admissions process with great pride. He did everything asked of him by the admissions office and more, determined to head to Palo Alto to take his college football.

"I took the SAT a couple of times and I took three AP classes this year, and I've never taken AP classes before," Seale said. "I got my best GPA ever, a 3.67, and I did a whole bunch of extracurricular activities."

Of course, while Stanford fans greeted news of Seale's acceptance and ensuing commitment with jubilation, fans of the San Diego State program were disappointed. Seale would have been one of, if not the biggest recruit to ink with the Aztecs in many years, but was looking away from home and blazing his own trail.

"I know a lot of people in San Diego and I would have been surrounded by friends, but in the long run I kind of wanted to go off and do my own thing," Seale said. "I didn't want to be surrounded by the same people. I wanted to do new things, go to new places."

To his credit, Seale handled the recruiting process with the utmost transparency and honesty. As a result, the Aztec coaches were understanding of his decision.

"They understood my choice," Seale said. "They wanted me to go there, but they understood where I was coming from. It was nice - like I said they understood, so it really helped. I didn't feel like I hurt anybody's feelings or anything."

And with his lengthy recruitment finally over, Seale took a moment to reflect on the past 12 or so months and look forward to his Cardinal future.

"I finally know what school I'm going to and I can't wait to get started up there," he said.

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