Stanford Runners Go the Distance

The Bootleg's track man Bob Kinder surges down the stretch with an outstanding overview of the Cardinal Track & Field program's current arsenal of promising long-distance runners. If all this track talk fires you up, jog on over to Cobb Track this weekend and take in the top-flight competition at the annual Stanford Invitational. A new NCAA record in the Women's 10,000 was set yesterday!

Stanford Track & Field Update: Distance Runners


Stanford has a long history of distance runners going back almost thirty years to the days when Title IX opened the door for women athletes, which ironically, also lead to more and better male distance runners. Of course not to be forgotten are 1972 Olympians Duncan MacDonald, still 4th all-time in the Mile, 3:59.6 and 1976 Olympic Marathon man Don Kardong. 1960 Olympian Ernie Cunliffe is still 2nd all-time at Stanford in the 800 at 1:46.60. Amazing after 50 years. 


School Record:  Malindi Elmore, 2:04.35

Madeline Duhon, Jr                      2:09.42

Maria Lattanzi, So                        2:09.65, 2:08.51 indoors

Sarah McCurdy, So                      2:06.96

Emma Miller-Bedell, So                 2:08.84

Justine Fedronic, Fr                     2:08.08

Duhon and Fredronic are also our best milers so they won't run the 800 often.   Lattanzi ran great indoors as a frosh last year but missed the outdoor season.  McCurdy was a top high school runner and ran 2:09 last season as a frosh.  Miller-Bedell, who's brother was a Stanford pole vaulter,  may be moving up to longer distances.  So many so close to a great 2:05 time, but right now it's an unknown event.  We are hoping a runner or two breaks through. 

MEN'S 800

School Record:  Michael Stember, 1:46.20

Justin Reed, Sr                             1:50.83

Ryan Ferris, So                             1:48.67indoor

Andrew Berberick, Fr                     1:52.61

Ryan Valdes, So                           1:52.79

Reed has improved over his years at Stanford to a fine 1:50 runner.  Ferris is a potential NCAA finalist in this event or the 1500 where he has already run 3:58.90 indoors this season.   Berberick and Valdes (whose twin is also on the team), are outstanding recruits who have already run PR's this year.  

WOMEN'S 1500

School Record:  Lauren Centrowitz and Malindi Elmore, 4:10.42

Madeline O'Meara, RS SR                   4:32.79

Madeline Duhon, Jr                             4:24.57

Stephanie Marcy, Jr                            4:49 mile, about a 4:26 1500-equivalent

Georgia Griffin, So                              4:31.89

Justine Fredonic, Fr                             4:49 mile

Duhon placed at last year's Pac 10 and Fredonic chas great potential.   However this event will not be nearly as strong as recent years.  

MEN'S 1500

School Record:  Michael Stember, 3:35.11, MILE:  Jeff Atkinson, 3:55.16

Justin Marpole-Bird, Sr                          3:58.76 mile, indoor

JT Sullivan, Jr                                       4:00.02 mile, indoor

Elliot Heath, Jr                                     3:43.10

Dylan Ferris, So                                   3:58.90 mile, indoor

Miles Unterreiner, So                            4:03.21 mile, indoor

Andrew Berberick, Fr                            4:03.55 mile, indoor

Tyler Stutzman, Fr                                4:05.27 mile, indoor

Ryan Valdes, Fr                                   3:49.79

Tyler Valdes, Fr                                    3:49.25 and 4:07.35

Tremendous indoor season produced three runners into the Top 10 indoor list at Stanford.  Two "four-minute milers" joined the previous six to achieve that magic mark on the Farm.   The four freshman could all make the top-five all-time frosh list.   Quite a group... and only one is a Sr.

WOMEN'S Steeplechase

School Record:  Lindsay Allen, 10:01.53

Madeline O'Meara, RS SR                   10:30.97

Emilie Amaro, So                                10:11.68

Emma Miller-Bedell, So                       10:59.07

Amaro became # 4 all time at Stanford last year and # 27 in theUS.  O'Meara is # 7 all-time at Stanford.  Amaro had to redshirt during the Cross Country season, but if healthy this is a very solid event for Stanford.

MEN'S Steeplechase

School Record:  Ian Dobson, 8:32.09

JT Sullivan, Jr                                      8:51.74

Ben Johnson, So                                 9:05.93

Sullivan is 10th all-time and # 37 in the U.S. last year.   Given a nearly six-second improvement in the Mile already this season, Sullivan could run in the low 8:40's, an excellent college time.


School Record:  Lauren Fleshman, 15:12.71

Kate Niehaus, Sr                                 16:19.20

Alex Gits, Jr                                        16:27.14

Stephanie Marcy, Jr                             16:18.77i

Georgia Griffin, So                               16:30.00

Alex Dunne, Fr                                    10:20 –3K

Kathy Kroger, Fr                                 16:32.00

A good not great group that has also had some injury problems.  Dunne and Kroger haven't run since Cross Country, but we understand they will run outdoors.  Marcy showed solid improvement in Cross Country and indoors.  In school but not choosing to participate in college track (yet) is Claire Durkin, a soph and a top recruit out of HS in Columbus, OH where she was a state champion in both track and cross country.  It would be great if she got the bug to run again.  


School Record:  Ian Dobson, 13:15.33

Justin Marpole-Bird, Sr                         7:57.15, 3K indoor

Elliot Heath, Jr                                    13:42.59

Jake Riley, Jr                                      13:52.87, indoor

Chris Derrick, So                                13:29.98

Miles Unterreiner, So                          14:06.37, indoor

Marpole-Bird improved in the distance quite a bit during Cross Country and continued with a great sub-8-minute 3K indoors. Heath is # 10 all-time in this event with two big seasons to go.  Derrick is 6th all-time at Stanford and his time set the National Junior record last spring (since broken).   Riley is another runner posting huge improvement over last season.  A very strong group and there are 7-8 fine runners behind these five.


School Record:  Alicia Craig, 32:19.97

Kate Niehaus, Sr                                  35:14.24

Alex Gits, Jr                                        33:19.42

Stephanie Marcy, Jr                             35:20.01

Georgia Griffin, So                                35:14.26

If Niehaus runs here in the Pac 10 and NCAA she'll be a force. Gits is already a force, 5th all-time at Stanford.


School Record:  Ian Dobson, 27:59.72

Jake Riley, Jr                                       28:46.84

Brendan Gregg, Jr                                 31:02.21

Chris Derrick, So                                  29:08.33

Riley is going to be outstanding. He already has a great time and his improvement during Cross Country and Indoors has been dramatic. I don't know if Derrick will run here, but he too already has a great time.

Stanford has an outstanding group of young distance runners so it will take time and experience to mature,  However with two four-minute miles and three more on the verge, in addition to Chris Derrick in the 5K, Stanford has some youngsters who could score big nationally. 

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