Q&A: '11 Calif. RB commit Jordan Perkins

Lodi, Calif. running back Jordan Perkins has been on the radar of Stanford football fans ever since he had a memorable experience at the Cardinal's Junior Day back in February.

The three-star running back appeared to fall in love with what the Stanford program had to offer, but resisted the urge to commit before finally pulling the trigger last night.

The Bootleg caught up with the talented back after he made his Cardinal decision to get the inside scoop.

The Bootleg: We heard you committed to Stanford [Thursday night]?

Jordan Perkins: I did, around 4:30 or 5:00.

TB: Why was now the right time for you to make a verbal commitment?

JP: Basically I just made it because I was tired of waiting. I knew it was the college for me but I wanted to wait and see if any others were going to offer, but just today I felt like I needed to commit.

TB: What about Stanford made it feel like the right fit for you?

JP: Well, right when I went there, even for the Junior Day, they explained the grades and education, the benefits you get after from after going there, the football experience and all that just sounded [great.] I know football might not be a possibility in the end, so I need to look beyond that education-wise and see what the best opportunity for me.

TB: Last we spoke you had the UTEP and Stanford offers – did any other schools come through with scholarships in recent weeks?

JP: Fresno State did.

TB: Now that you've made this commitment, how do you plan on approaching the ten or so months until signing day?

JP: Keep in contact with the coaches, finish up my application. Get it in early so I can get checked over and get accepted, and that's pretty much how I think it should go.

TB: Have you gotten a better picture for when you can actually begin work on the application process?

JP: He said I could start working on the first part, which is the essay, any time I want. They set up the application between April and May, and any time then is when I could start and I could turn it in when I finish.

TB: Last we spoke, you had mentioned you got a 1500 on the three-part SAT. Do you have any plans to retake that, and how are you faring in your classes?

JP: I'm signed up to take another one in May. I think it's May 1. My core GPA was a 3.2 and my overall was a 3.5.

TB: Is it kind of a relief to have this decision off your shoulders?

JP: Yea, it's nice to kind of know where you're going, especially so early. Now I just have to focus on doing well senior year and not worry about who's watching you, so it's nice.

TB: When some recruits make an early verbal commitment to a school, they make it a point to try to convince other recruits to join them at that university. Is that something you could see yourself doing?

JP: Yea, you know [Coach Harbaugh] mentioned that when I told him. He said this 2011 class will be a good class, so hopefully that will happen.

TB: Were you at all concerned with being the third running back to commit to Stanford for the 2011 class?

JP: No, not really. It kind of motivated me to commit just because I didn't want to be the last of the pick. At the same time I love a challenge. I want to work, be able to work for my spot to earn it. I'm ready to compete and everything

TB: Over the past few months, have you had any further conversations with Coach Harbaugh about your role in the offense?

JP: They told me they were going to start running a little bit of pistol. He said they were practicing it in their spring practices. So he said I can maybe run a little of that as well as a pro set. He said they'll be giving me the ball pretty much wherever.

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