Part 3: The Future with Kevin Reihner

The Bootleg: So now that you've made this verbal commitment, how solid would you consider yourself to Stanford? Do you plan to take any more visits or anything like that or will you completely shut down the recruiting process? [Read on...]

Kevin Reihner: I'm solid. Unless another university opens up and they're the preseason No. 1 BCS [academic school], nothing's really going to happen. I mean it's the best of both worlds. Coach Harbaugh said that a bunch of times and it's not the fact that he doesn't have the vocabulary to come up with something else its just the perfect way to describe Stanford. It is academically elite and athletically.

I mean they've won the Directors' Cup for 15 years in a row. Frankly, football's holding everyone else back. The girls played in three national championships this year and football is getting going now. The Sun Bowl season was great, but they'll be the first to tell you they don't' want to be in the Sun Bowl. We want to be in Pasadena, we want to win Pac-10, Rose Bowl, and National Championships so once we get on par with the rest of the University, we'll be downright perfect.

TB: On you're listed as an offensive guard. Is that where the staff thinks you'll best project at the collegiate level?

KR: They do see me projected at the collegiate level as a guard. I could play center too, but in their offense I'd want to play guard. It's just fun. Power playside, coming off the ball with a big tackle and on backside they're pulling and doing all that kind of fun stuff. I honestly want to play guard, so hopefully I stick with that.

TB: What do you think you bring to the table as an offensive lineman?

KR: Just like a lot of kids, I have a little bit to fill out in the upper body, but Coach Roman was telling me anybody can get big up top so that's why I definitely have to redshirt along with most of the lineman. But I have a low center of gravity, big thighs, big butt, big hips, and that's what moves people. I mean I come off the ball and I play mean. I'm a nice person, but on the field you have to play mean and we're going to run with that purpose and attitude.

You have to move people in this offense. It's not an angle, it's not making creases, it's getting a push, getting on bodies, forcing them up and moving them off the ball and that's what I'm built to do physically and that's what I like to do mentally.

TB: From what I've read, you seem to be an exceptionally good student, even by Stanford standards. Talk about some of your classroom achievements, as well as any standardized tests you might have taken.

KR: My GPA is… I mean a 4.0. We don't have these numbers but I just have a 97, which is a 4.0. We don't bump AP's or anything. The Stanford GPA is different and my Stanford GPA is not that because they take out freshman year and non-core classes but it's still very high. I received a 2120 on my PSAT's. I didn't get to take the SAT's because I was in a cast, but I will be taking those in May.

I've actually been dual-enrolling with the University of Scranton, the local college. So I've been taking some classes in a college environment too. So I feel very prepared for the next level academically.

TB: Have you had a chance to familiarize yourself with Stanford's application process at all at this point?

KR: I have, I have. I'm going to look up those essay topics. And that's just another [attraction]… A lot of times if you're applying to a school as a football prospect it's more ‘Hi my name is Kevin Reihner. I played football and I passed.' At Stanford, they make you fill out a full application and if you don't do it, you don't come.

A lot of times people get on Stanford for throwing out a lot of offers, but that's because kids weed themselves out by not doing what they need to do in the classroom or just thinking ‘Oh, I really don't have to fill out this application, I'm a good linebacker.' It's not that way at all. You have to fill out the full application. You have to fill out five full, coherent essays so that people get to know you as a person. And if you don't do it with zeal and excitement about coming to Stanford you don't belong at Stanford, so I'm going to get working on those essays pretty soon.

TB: You mentioned earlier in our interview that you were getting on some of your fellow visitors to commit. Is that role of ‘committed prospect/recruiter' one that you can see yourself filling?

KR: I do, I do. I just yelled at Austin Blythe and Garrett Gladd for not committing yet. But they're both hometown boys. Garrett Gladd's a Sooner by geography and Blythe's a Hawkeye or a Cyclone. But we'll get them over; we'll get them back from the dark side. Don't worry, I'm a pretty dynamic recruiter.

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