Jarrett adds PSU offer, plans cut to five

Four-star cornerback Kyshoen Jarrett now has offers from every school in his home state of Pennsylvania. The state's biggest program, Penn State, came through with an offer about two weeks ago.

"Yeah, I'm pretty excited," Kyshoen Jarrett (key SHAWN) told TheBootleg.com in an interview this past week. "It's my third in-state offer, between Temple, Pitt and now Penn State. That's every D-I program.

"I heard rumors [Penn State was going to offer]. I didn't want to get overexcited, so I called and heard, and was excited. I was cheesing [smiling] the whole way home. I had been waiting, so it's a big deal to me. It's going to help now. I have all offers I do want and so I can eliminate schools toward a top-five."

Jarrett spoke too early – turns out there are a few more offers he covets.

"There are a couple of more I want," said Jarrett, who added he was scheduled to camp at West Virginia this past weekend in hopes of earning an offer there. "Notre Dame, but they want to see me, so I want to make it up there. Virginia Tech, but they're only taking one DB. I don't mind going and competing, if I were to get an offer and commit.

"Those other schools will help me move toward a top five. I don't want schools I'm not really excited about in my top five. All I'm doing is wasting trips."

Jarrett says after seeing West Virginia and Virginia Tech, as well as Pitt and possibly Notre Dame, he's going to sit down and move toward establishing that top five. It will be a meaningful decision in his recruitment, as he elaborates.

"I'm not going to rush to get to all the schools I'm not considering in my top five," he said. "I'd waste a lot, a lot of money. It'll probably be July -- I'll take a week and a half and stay away from my phone, just so I can think some."

For the interested Stanford fan, we have some mixed academic news to report. On the one hand, Jarrett knows he has to work to raise his grades, citing unprompted another Pennsylvania recruit a year his senior who couldn't clear Stanford's academic hurdles. On the other hand, Jarrett appears willing to do the necessary work.

"My grades are good," he said. "I'm taking the ACT again in October and getting tutoring over summer. I want to get better for Stanford, and for myself -- as well as Stanford. I want them to be better. I know my core GPA is a 2.9, so with the scale, I only need a certain amount [for the NCAA minimum], but I want to be really proficient and get as high as I can get. I don't want to be stuck [academically] with any school.

"I need 16 classes and have 13 done so far. I've tried the best I can, and can't be mad about my effort."

Perhaps college football realignment may prove of more interest to national college football fans, Jarrett included. While, this year, realignment proposals proved far more drastic than what actually occurred, it is quite possible that more dramatic realignment will occur while Jarrett and other recruits of his cohort are Division I athletes. Accordingly, and echoing what we've heard from other recruits, Jarrett says the possibility of realignment is affecting how he thinks of his suitors.

"Oh, definitely," he said. "Nebraska just joined the Big 10 and Colorado went to the Pac-10. I understand what they're trying to do, working toward a playoff system, which is actually a good thing. Nebraska was one of my top schools in the Big 12. I've been getting lot of stuff from them, so I hope that some contact will come my way."

Jarrett reports that with the change in seasons has come a temporal change in focus as he plans for a future in college football. Out with the spring is heavy communication with schools. In with the summer: individual workouts.

"I haven't really called too many schools lately," he said. "I've just been getting back into lifting and getting fast. We have a speed camp and I have a pretty good time [Scout reports a 4.56 40-yard dash], so that's awesome. Honestly, me-time, having fun for me, it's getting better than the person ahead of me. That is my me-time. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, I relax my legs. Then I get better Monday through Friday. I see the rankings and compete to be the best."

Keep refreshing that browser as The Bootleg continues to report on just where Jarrett will be competing to be the best in the years to come.

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