What's the handle on Chasson Randle?

Stanford's 2010 men's basketball class didn't leave too many holes, but the team could use a true point guard, a need they're attempting to address in the 2011 class. Enter Illinois' Chasson Randle, Scout.com's No. 7 rising senior point guard, and a recent Stanford visitor.

"It was good," Chasson Randle told The Bootleg last week of his mid-June visit to Stanford. "Everything was fine. It gave me a chance to meet the staff and see the school academically. I met a lot of coaches and some other players, and had a good time."

A four-star Illinois point guard and the staff's top priority for the 2011 class, Randle could only visit Stanford for one day because of a busy schedule. He was on the Farm from approximately 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday, June 6. After, he went to an Elite guard camp, and then to San Antonio for tryouts with the U17 national team.

"I toured campus and met some of the professors," Randle said. "I met a business professor, [Management Professor] George Foster. I met a medicine professor. We ate and got to hang out with coaches and some of the players, and got to talk with some of the coaching staff.

"Also, we went to the Athletic Director's house and had dinner there. … It was a good experience, I got the chance to meet him and meet his wife. His house is very nice. It was a full day all in all, and I enjoyed myself."

Did Randle have any outstanding questions about Stanford?

"I have no questions," he said. "They answered a lot. There's no doubt in my mind they're a great academic institution, but they answered [my questions] about who they had coming in. I got to know a lot of the coaches more. It really gave me insight on what could come in the future. I think it's looking bright."

Wanting to play for a winner sounds important to Randle, so perhaps it's no surprise that Stanford's six-man recruiting class of 2010 seems to have particular sway with him.

"Most definitely, the recent recruiting class, I'm becoming acquainted with those guys, Anthony Brown in particular," he said. "[My host was] Josh Owens. I spent most of the time with him, and met a couple of the other guys. It was a lot in one day, I'll say, for sure."

So Randle sounds high on the Card after his visit to Stanford, as many recruits do. What's next?

"This definitely is going to help," he said. Going to out to Stanford gave me a good insight on those guys, and I got a feel of what they had to offer.

"Really, right now my family and I are in the process of seeing what schools I want to focus on. This fall, everything is going to play out hopefully. I'll take my unofficial and make my decision.

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