Post Team Tech Interviews

After the conclusion of Wednesday's voluntary 'Team Tech' workouts, The Bootleg was on hand to catch up with a handful of Stanford players. Read on for interviews with Blake Lueders, Cameron Fleming, Jonathan Martin, Michael Thomas, and Cole Underwood.

Post-workout interview with freshman Blake Lueders


Talk about your first two weeks here.


It's a big change a lot more complex everybody is working real hard. It's really impressive to see and be a part of


What's been the biggest adjustment for you on or off the field?


Definitely time management I'd say that's probably the biggest thing. Then the complexity of the defense, the mental aspect, that's a big part of it.


How many classes do they have you taking?


Just two right now


How are the classes going?


Great, a lot of reading.


How are you finding the workouts?


At first it was pretty hectic but it's all getting better now. All the upperclassmen have been great helping all the freshmen out. We have a lot of great leaders on this team so it's making the transition easier.


What's your weight now?


I came in at 240. They haven't really specified what they want me. Wherever they want me to be I'll be.


Any discussion of redshirting or future position or anything like that?


No idea yet. We haven't put pads on but obviously I want to play so whatever I can do to help the team out.


Post-workout Q and A with Cole Underwood


How has everything been for you so far?


Everything is good. Good for summer school to come, get used to the campus get some good work in start to get our strength and conditioning right for college football.


What's been the most challenging part of this transition?


It's just busy at first. It's fast paced but after the first two weeks you get pretty accustomed to what's going on around here.


On the field do you feel you are fitting in pretty well?


Yes, definitely. I have some great teammates helping me out. David DeCastro, Chase Beeler, Jonathan Martin, Andy Phillips, all of those guys. They really take you under your wing and teach you everything you need to know at a fast pace.


Post workout Q and A with DB Michael Thomas


Looks like you're at safety full time now?


For now, that's the plan just try to be out at safety see how it goes during the camp/


How different is that scheme wise for you?


So far for what they've exposed me to it's been kind of easy. It's been a great transition because it something like nickel. I'm on tight ends a lot and slot receivers so it's been a smooth transition but as far as reading run plays I still have a lot of work to do but it's coming along.


Is that something you think you'll grow into?


Exactly. Then I have Delano Howell who's been there for a whole year now and he made a smooth transition. Then guys already at safety like Taylor Skaufel and Austin Yancy, they're pretty good so just being around them I've been able to pick up a lot. Then Coach Mason, Coach Fangio, Coach Polian they've been helping me with film to watch.


Post workout Q and A with OL Jonathan Martin


How's the summer been going so far?


It's going real good. Everyone is out here working real hard. At times it's a bit faster on the conditioning – they really have us out here working - but the team is doing a good job getting in shape.


How has your body developed in the past year or so?


The strength coaches have done a great job of pushing me, getting me stronger pushing me in the weight room real good. Trying to get my body fat percentage down so I'm definitely feeling better about running with the guys, it's a lot of fun.


Post-workout Q and A with freshman OL Cameron Fleming


How have the first few weeks been for you?


It's just great, everything out here is great. Teammates are great, strength coaches are great. New incoming freshmen are all great. I love it.


What's been the biggest off field adjustment for you?


I mean time. Having to wake up, because I've been in summer for a little while. I have to wake up, go to class, go to workouts make sure I do everything right


What time are you getting up?


I get up around 6:00 so I can make it here around 6:15 and then we start workouts around 7:00.


What adjustments do you have to make on the field?


Everything is more complicated, everything is faster. Strength wise it's a lot different. I have to step up my strength. Speed, then learning the plays. Teammates have been great helping me learn the plays. We're all getting them helping each other. It's a big family effort.


Any discussion of redshirting, or possibly competing for a starting spot this fall?


I'm not worried about that right now. I'm just trying to get better trying to learn my plays trying to help my teammates learn their plays trying to make Stanford better.


Where do things stand with your weight right now?


I'm trying to go up a little bit, get to 300. I'm around 295 so it's not that big of an issue right now. More getting my strength ready and the coaches are doing a great job of that right now.


Physically how do you feel you're fitting in with your teammates out here?


They're a lot more mature than I am of course they've been here longer and they're great athletes but I'm going to work my hardest to fit in with them.

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