7/12 Team Tech Report and Interviews

Another gorgeous summer afternoon on The Farm saw the Stanford football team out on the practice fields preparing for the 2010 season. The Bootleg made the trip to observe the voluntary 'Team Tech' workout and speak with a couple of the newest members of the Stanford football family.

After warms ups and stretching, the players separated into position groups.

To prepare for upcoming 7 on 7 drills, the quarterbacks warmed up by throwing short routes to wide receivers and tight end. Although it was difficult to evaluate the QB's given the limited time and reps, it was clear that Andrew Luck is just on a different level than the other signal callers on the Stanford roster. I also thought Josh Nunes had a strong showing.

After warm ups, the team split into two groups for 7 on 7 action. We saw the most of Andrew Luck, as he was getting the majority of the snaps on the practice field closest to the rail. It looked like Nunes and Darren Daniel were seeing snaps on the other field.

7 on 7 play by play:

- Luck completed short slant to Ryan Whalen
-Luck 25-yard ball over the middle intended for Jamal-Rashad Patterson broken up by Richard Sherman
-Nottingham pass intended for Griff Whalen incomplete
-Luck completed short underneath pass to Chris Owusu
-Luck completed short underneath pass to Konrad Reuland.
-Luck completed slant to Griff Whalen
-Luck short pass broken up by Max Bergen
-Olsen pass incomplete, miscommunication with intended receiver.
-Luck pass incomplete, intended for Konrad Reuland
-Luck 10 yard underneath completion to Ryan Whalen
-Luck short pass complete to Doug Baldwin
-Luck long pass complete to Jamal-Rashad Patterson.

Although most of the 7 on 7 play saw Luck complete short or intermediate routes, he did hit a home run on a long pass to Rashad-Patterson. Patterson made a nice adjustment while the ball was in the air, catching it over his left shoulder. Patterson punctuated the touchdown grab with a humorous celebration worthy of a World Cup clinching goal.

After the workouts were complete, The Bootleg caught up with a pair of true freshmen, Ricky Seale and Dillon Bonnell, to get their thoughts on the first few weeks of college.

Post Team Tech Q and A with Ricky Seale

How's everything been going for you?
It's been going really good. It's a good group of upperclassmen out here. They've been helping all of us freshman out a lot. It's a lot tougher than high school, though, but we're lucky enough to be playing at Stanford where we have really great upperclassmen. They've been helping us through everything, through the weight room, through the running, and everything like that. It's hard, but it's easy at the same time.

You mentioned it being harder – in what way – speed of the game, thickness of the playbook, or some other factors?
I mean thickness of the playbook. But like I said the upperclassmen give you their playbook, they sit down with you, they teach you things. There is a lot more running. You have to be more physically in shape. The weight room is more intense. Just everything, mentally, physically, the speed, everything.

How has everything been off the field?
It's a little bit different because in high school you go to class then you go through the whole day then you go to practice. Here you spread it out [a bit more.] It's not that hard. You wake up, go to breakfast, go to class, come to practice…It's not that hard or anything.

What kind of things are you personally working on heading into camp?
I'm just trying to learn the playbook - like I said it's a lot bigger. I've just been working with a lot of the older running backs we have out here and they've been showing us the ropes.

When you signed there was a lot of debate over whether you'd stay at running back or end up at cornerback. You were out with the offense today, but is that something that's your decision, the coaches decision, or what?
I mean bottom line is it's the coach's decision but out here I've been playing running back and corner, just learning it from both sides. Because we have a lot of veteran corners and we have a lot of veteran running backs who are more than willing to help out the younger guys. So I've been doing a little bit of both seeing what I like but ultimately it will be the coach's decision.

Do you have a preference?
Nah, I just want to play. I just want to play.

Post-Team Tech interview with freshman OL Dillon Bonnell

You've been on campus for a few weeks now – how is everything?
It's great, sir. The team is really getting along and we really look like we're going to have a great team to go out there and compete this year.

Talk about some of the adjustments you've had to make on the field.
On the field it's really just starting to get to know everybody. The playbook really makes the difference from high school and all the little details the coaches share. But the coaches have done a great job of getting us together and teaching us the little details. The transition has really gone smoothly because the coaches have done a really good job.

When you were being recruited there was some discussion about whether you'd end up as an interior lineman or you'd be a tackle. So far it seems like you've been working a little more with the interior players – is that where you'll start out your Stanford career?
Yeah, I've really been working with the interior guys, guard center, both sides. They've told me to learn guard to guard, and I really think you learn the concept of the offense better that way as well.

Talk about some of the veterans and how they've helped you.
They've been great. This is probably one of the nicest classes you have of upperclassmen. They're really there to help you. They'll watch film with you, they'll help you learn the playbook they'll sit down and talk to you. Everything they've done has made everything simple and really easy.

Are there any veterans in particular who have gone of their way to help you?
Andy Phillips has really taken over the freshman class under his wing and really taught us everything. He's with us whenever [he can] teaching us plays and teaching us the concepts of the offense.

Off the field what kind of adjustments have you had to make?
Really not too many. There's a lot of similar things that we've done in high school because if we didn't do these things in high school a lot of us wouldn't have gotten to this point where we're at because we're pretty similar as a team where we did our school work so coming to college hasn't been too much of a change for us. A lot us did our schoolwork and we're all great football players on top of it which means we had to work in high school. So really the transition has actually been pretty easy.

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