Team Tech Workout Report July 14

Another perfect mid July day saw the Stanford football team hit the field for a Team Tech voluntary workout session. The Bootleg was on hand to watch a spirited Cardinal squad get ready and conditioned for the start of fall camp. Read on for observations on some of the newest Cardinal quarterbacks as well as interviews with freshmen Alex Turner and Devon Carrington.

Because of the non-contact nature of the team tech activities, the quarterbacks are far and away the easiest position to evaluate. After attending three of the team tech workouts, I've started to get a grasp on some members of the Cardinal QB core.

Andrew Luck is (obviously) in a class by himself. Although he misses an occasional throw, he has the strongest and most accurate arm on the team. Luck has also developed into quite the vocal leader. No coaches are allowed at the voluntary off-season workouts so Luck has taken the lead role in directing his teammates in different drills and activities.

-True freshman Darren Daniel epitomizes a raw and inconsistent, yet talented signal caller. On some occasions he threw effortless, beautiful lasers that hit his receiver in stride, but he also had some throws that were five feet over the head of his intended target. While far from a finished product, Daniel's upside is obvious.

-I've been pretty impressed with second year quarterback Josh Nunes. Nunes may not throw the prettiest ball at times and lacks Luck's arm strength, but has been one of the more consistent quarterbacks and mostly hit his receivers in stride while throwing patterns.

-So far, David Olson has struggled. The Stanford coaching staff was impressed with what it saw from the South Carolina native in high school, and it's obviously way too early to make any sort of conclusions about his skill level, but Olson has struggled with accuracy and timing so far.

-Although he will be in the mix to earn playing time at safety, Alex Loukas had a strong showing today – I thought he had the second best day behind only Luck. It will be interesting to see whether the Stanford coaches value his talents more in the secondary or as a potential strong backup to Luck.

-Robbie Picazo has been steady and solid. He lacks a spectacular arm, but has been accurate when I've seen him throw.

-Brett Nottingham has looked good when I've seen him throw, but I haven't watched him as much as some of the other quarterbacks.

Other Thoughts and Observations

-When the team broke into first and second-string offenses for drills, Derek Hall was at right tackle with the first unit and James McGillicuddy played right tackle with the second.

-Freshman safety Devon Carrington made the play of the day when he made a nice leaping interception of a Darren Daniel pass during an 11 on 11 drill. Because of the lack of depth in the defensive backfield, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Carrington in the mix for early playing time.

-Each time I attend Team Tech I'm blown away by the sheer size of Cameron Fleming. And each time I watch Stanford practice, I become more and more convinced that Fleming will see quite a few snaps at the right tackle position as a true freshman.

-Owen Marecic spent most of the workout donning a black defensive t-shirt, but did play some offense in drills at the end of practice. He actually looked pretty comfortable in coverage in 7 on 7 drills. Along with Luck, Marecic has emerged as one of the vocal leaders of the team.

Post Team Tech Interview with Safety Devon Carrington

So how have the first few weeks here been for you?
It's been pretty good. It feels good. I'm meeting a lot of the guys. Everyone on the team seems real cool, real upbeat and real supportive about the whole thing.

How do you feel like you're fitting in on the field?
Fitting in pretty well. It's a little overwhelming trying to learn all the different schemes and stuff and the playbook but the older guys have done a great job of helping us out and giving us a little bit at a time.

What type of adjustments have you had to make off the field?
It's an adjustment. I mean it feels good having class every other day versus class every day, but it's a nice adjustment.

In the 11 on 11 drills there at the end, you made a nice leaping interception that seemed to get a rise out of your teammates. Talk about that play.
It felt pretty good to make a play out here. That's the goal, to come out here and make plays and do what I do best.

Any talk about playing early or redshirting, or is just way too early to be thinking about that kind of stuff?
It's way too early. Nobody's said anything about that. I think we're all just going out here and competing and we'll see what happens from there.

Post Team Tech interview with linebacker Alex Turner

How's it been here for your first few weeks?
First few weeks have been good. Like anything new there's an adjustment, but you really have to step into your role and not make excuses and the upperclassmen make sure we do a good job of that, so that's what it's been like.

How do you feel like things are going during these workouts?
I'm feeling like I'm taking my reps when I get the opportunity. The older guys and upperclassmen, trust me, they're getting their reps. But when our reps are in we're jumping in there. I feel as a class we're all doing well.

Any discussion of what position you will start your Stanford career, or about early playing time?
I mean I personally haven't talked about any position or anything like that. Pretty much my goal right now in the off-season is to be the best contributor that I can be when camp comes, so that's where I've been mentally.

What type of adjustments have you had to make setting into the college life?
Just being responsible. That's what you have to do. If you stay on top of your game, you'll be okay. It's been fun. It's been cool meeting all the new guys, so I like it.

So you're developing a nice rapport with some of your fellow freshman classmates?

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