Harbaugh presser, T minus-11 (Tues., Aug. 24)

One of the hottest days of summer saw the Stanford football team hit the practice fields for another day of fall camp. Read on for information on another ex-walk-on earning a scholarship, a new starting tight end, and more…

Opening Statement
Big day for Myles Muagututia. He earned a scholarship. A good day for the Cardinal.

How does your free safety spot shape up at this point?
The guys that are in the mix are Delano and Mike Thomas, the two safeties. And then Skaufel and Yancy, that's where it's at. Howell and Thomas then Skaufel and Yancy.

Playing in 102-degree weather, how did it affect practice?
We needed some hot weather. Our Fathers and Hail Mary's paid off and we finally got some hot weather.

For conditioning you felt like you needed some real big time heat?
Yeah, we haven't had any all camp. We need some heat.

Are you guys done with two-a-days?
Yes, yesterday was our last two-a-day.

I haven't seen Chris Owusu dressed lately, any status update on him?
Yeah, he's working through something physically.

Any timeline for his return?
When he's healthy.

How are things shaping up with the tight ends?
Levine Toilolo has had a great camp and he's our starting tight end. Ertz has also done a great job. He and Fleener are right there together. Konrad just got back to practice today, he had a little something he was working through too. That's how I'd rank them.

Levine is listed at 6-foot-8 but looks 6-foot-9 to me. Is that any kind of a problem in terms of getting leverage for blocking?
Not if you can bend. It's about bending no matter what height you are and he does a great job of bending and he's had a great camp. We were talking about leverage, it's a matter of, if you can't bend at 6-foot-7, 6-foot-8, then you have a real problem getting underneath pads. If you can bend then those long arms become a great asset in leverage.

Did he have to do any kind of special exercises to help with flexibility and getting his butt down?
He's a very fluid athlete that's been blessed by mom, dad, and God to have that kind of physique and flexibility.

Is it a bit of a surprise that the two young guys have outstripped the veteran players at that position?
Well, I wouldn't say that Fleener has been outstripped. He and Ertz are right there. They say a similar position where Levine…They're all tight ends but they're used differently. So Fleener hasn't been outstripped by any means.

Getting back to Levine, what has he done particularly well to justify this promotion?
Just the way he's practiced. He's been a real dynamic combination of a blocker and a guy that can get down the field in the passing game, which is truly what you look for in a tight end that can do both of those things very well. His mental discipline has been outstanding in the meeting room, and it's carried over onto the field. He's really been on the screws in terms of what his assignments and alignments are. Then physically, he's made a lot of plays. He's been consistently good.

Is his leaping ability commensurate with his height? Could he be a major weapon down at the goal line situation with a short pass?
Put it this way, he has a big catch radius. At 6'8 with long arms, that radius is wide.

So Ryan Whalen and Chris Owusu have their jobs pretty much squared away, but can you comment on the competition for the third wide receiver spot?
Yeah, Doug Baldwin and Griff Whalen have had really, really strong good camps. And Jamal Patterson and Jemari Roberts have been really good too. I think right now Doug and Griff are ahead of those two guys but they're closing the gap fast, and Jemari Roberts has really stepped up this camp. I'm really pleased with him, and Jamal has done the same, so both those guys are really working hard and coming on fast.

Did Myles already count towards the 85-man limit before he was officially placed on scholarship or does this take up a new spot?
This adds to the 85. He was not a counter.

So are you now at 84, or are you full at 85 depending on whether Zach Nolan get a scholarship recently as well?
Zach got one. It depends on what happens with Cleo's situation. We'll have to get a ruling on that because it was pre-existing, it might be a similar situation to what we had with Emeka Nnoli a few years ago when we got it back.

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