"On the Spot" with CB Johnson Bademosi [#27]

Following one of the practices last week, The Bootleg's "Emeritus" managed to grab a few moments with 6-1, 197-pound Johnson Bademosi, a third-year (true junior) cornerback who since the time of our conversation has been listed as the starter at right corner for next Saturday's season opener against Sacramento State.

"On the Spot" with CB Johnson Bademosi [#27]

The Bootleg: It seems like you guys have some good battles going on out there, lots of players having an impressive fall camp?

Johnson Bademosi: The competition in the secondary is great. We are all competing, making each other better, the coaches are making us better! Everybody is going to play, we are enjoying it. 

TB: What do you feel will be the key factors in determining playing time, obviously it helps to be a "willing tackler"? You do consider yourself one of those, don't you?

JB: (Laughing) You know, we've all got to tackle, you've got to tackle to win the game. We are all getting better at it and we are all going to be solid this season.

TB: Your unit is coming back with some experience gained last season, you faced some challenges last year, going up against some of the best wide receivers in the entire country, do you now have even higher expectations?

JB: The coaches are doing a great job of preparing us and we are all going into the season ready, ready for anything that is thrown at us.

TB: You had Clayton White last year and now your are working with first-year defensive backs coach Derek Mason, what are some of the differences in style that you have noticed?

JB: Well, they are both great coaches and they each have a lot of experience, but obviously Coach Mason has a wealth of NFL experience and he brings that to the table. He knows a lot of different defenses and he is a great teacher. Both are great guys.

TB: What are some of the aspects of the group's play you would most like to see improve?

JB: We are improving every day, but as a secondary, we just need to "play every snap". (Smiling) I don't know, what do you think?

TB: Well, with a lot of the practices closed, we aren't allowed to watch as much, so we are pretty curious about what kind of magic is happening!

JB: Trust me, we are getting better, every day. We are all making plays.

TB: There is obviously some good group spirit and comraderie, right? 

JB: Of course, we're "boyz". We compete on the field, hang out off the field. We love each other!

TB: What about your play on special teams this year?

JB: Special teams are great - It gives you an opportunity to play hard, play fast and not think about too much - just go out and hit somebody.

TB: Whether or not you end up in a starting role at corner, you still want to be active on special teams, correct? (according the depth chart published a couple of days later, Bademosi will start at right corner against Sacramento State!)

JB: Without a doubt, I will definitely play on special teams!

TB: Which aspects of special teams play appeal to you the most? Does it matter which group - kick-offs, punt coverage?

JB: It doesn't really matter. I like running down the field and hitting people, any way I get a chance.

TB: But you would rather be the one doing the hitting, not "returning" anything?

JB: Yeah, I would much rather hit people!

TB: You are from Maryland, you're pretty used to hot weather, this heat doesn't bother you, does it?

JB: No, it's great out here. It's beautiful, California, with this breeze going. They said it was 100 degrees, but it felt like 80 since there is no humidity.

TB:  So, how about some of these young guns (looking over at freshman cornerback Chris Gaertner, who was next up to be interviewed)

JB: Gaertner, he's doing well, he's a good kid. He's from the local area so he is showin' us around a little bit! But, yes, we've got a lot of good young guys.

TB: When do you start preparing specifically for Sac State?

JB: We are just taking it day by day, practice by practice.

Are you happy to be done with "two-a-days"?

JB:  (Smiling) We love practicing.

TB: Any changes in weight or body composition coming into the season?

JB: (Still wanting to keep his focus on the team rather than himself) Yes, everyone is getting bigger and stronger. You see it in the weight room, you see it on paper, you see it on the practice field!

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