Which Conferences Had The Most Players Taken In The MLB Draft?

As it typically does in the NFL Draft, the SEC dominated last weekend's MLB Draft.

While everyone knows which conferences dominate the college football and basketball landscape, the leaders of college baseball aren't quite as well known. If picks in the MLB Draft is the standard, then this year the SEC holds a slight edge over the Pac-12.

Both conferences had at least one one player from every team taken in the recent MLB Draft and topped all other Power 5 conferences in picks per school (see graphic below).

In the Pac-12, the Utah Utes had only one player drafted this year, yet they won the conference title.  

The SEC had the strongest showing with all 14 schools having at least two players drafted this year. The SEC also boasts the strongest average draft picks per school with just under six, lead by Texas A&M who lead the nation in players drafted with 13. 

Big Ten schools have great showings in football and basketball but struggle on the diamond, only averaging 2.85 picks per school. The conference had two schools with zero picks and two schools with only one. 

The individual school leaders from Power 5 conferences after Texas A&M were USC (12), Ohio State (6), Texas Tech (10), Louisville and Miami (7 each). Three Louisville players were selected the first round, which led the country. 

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