Catch Up With Richardson checked in with Chesapeake, Va., native Raysean Richardson this weekend to find out where the Orange stand with him since his visit to the school earlier in the year. He is currently holding four scholarship offers and says Syracuse is on his mind, but making a decision is the last thing on his mind right now.

Oscar Smith High School athlete Raysean Richardson visited Syracuse this summer along with teammate and current commitment Jaston George, however the 5-foot-11, 190-pounder has been relatively quiet about recruiting since then, so we gave him a ring to see what is going through his mind.

"I haven't heard much from Syracuse lately to be honest with you, but they're still in my top four with my other offers," Richardson stated. "I think the lack of communication is my fault because I really am focused on my season, so I really don't get back to coaches like I should during the regular season. That's been on me, not the Syracuse coaches and it definitely doesn't mean I'm not interest. I'm just really, really focused on trying to win this state championship down here right now and I'm not talking to many schools at all unless I get time."

"I think they're a good program and know I'd fit in there if I picked them," Richardson added. "I saw when I took my visit that I would fit into their defense at outside linebacker and I'd also like to play with Jaston George because we have great chemistry on and off the field. I'm trying to take all of my official visits after the season, so that's when I'll really sit down and try to get something set up with the coaching staff up there so I can see things in person again."

Richardson has roughly 50 tackles on the season so far and Oscar Smith is 5-1.

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