Birthday Commitment

Detroit, Mich., native Eric Crume had been waiting for his birthday to call the Syracuse coaching staff and give them his verbal commitment and he just got off the phone with them moments ago. This makes two verbals in the past 24 hours for the Orange, helping solidify the point of attack.

Eric Crume, a 6-foot-1, 315-pound defensive tackle from Central High School just gave his verbal commitment to Coach Tyrone Wheatley and called us seconds later to give us the news.

"I just committed to Syracuse right now," Crume stated. "I talked to Coach (Tyrone) Wheatley and he was really happy about it and the rest of the coaches were happy to have me as well. I was really excited to get it done on my birthday because it's a new year for my life and a new beginning which was the whole point as you knew."

"I love the coaches there, I like the direction the program is going in and my family likes everything about the school, so this is something that I've obviously known I was going to do for a long time," Crume explained. "The whole plan was to set it up specially so I could do it on my birthday and I got to do that which made it even better for me and I was glad to become part of a new family tonight."

"I know I want to study sports management so that I can be an agent when I get out of school," Crume said. "It's a way for me to stay close to a game that I love and help players get what they deserve. I'm always going to want to be near the game, even if it's coaching on the side and things like that."

Crume is the second commitment in the past two days for the Orange.

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