Four keys to beating Texas

Wesley Cheng looks at four of the keys to beating TJ Ford and the Texas Longhorns.

1) Establish Carmelo inside early: Anthony didn't score in the first half in the East Regional semifinal game against Auburn because Anthony settled to quickly for jumpers. When the Orangemen played Oklahoma, Syracuse dumped the ball to Anthony in the low post early and this opened up shots for Anthony later in the game.

2) Physical defense: In the second half of Sunday's game against the Sooners, Jozsef Szendrei leveled Anthony on a fast break with no call from the officials. Texas, another Big-12 team is going to play the same type of hard-nosed defense. Syracuse will need to answer back with solid defense of its own and cause turnovers in the 2-3 zone.

3) Rebound, rebound, rebound: James Thomas is a force inside and will pound Craig Forth and Jeremy McNeil if they don't box out. Texas is an excellent interior rebounding team and the Orangemen will need to crash the boards on both ends to create fast-break and second-chance opportunities.

4) Gerry McNamara: McNamara had a killer outside shot at the beginning of the season and it's tapered off since then. If the 6-foot-1 guard can start draining shots, it will draw the Texas defense out further and will create easier opportunities for Hakim Warrick and Anthony inside.

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