Diabate Goes Orange

Siriki Diabate has offers from a handful of other schools, but after he picked up his Syracuse offer earlier in the week it was pretty obvious we'd be talking to him about his commitment this weekend when he got home from his official visit and that's what went down on Sunday night.

Syracuse will be welcoming in a seasoned veteran to their linebacker corps in Nassau CC middle linebacker Siriki Diabate and he spoke to us about why he chose the Orange on Sunday.

"I committed this weekend while I was up there and it was great," Diabate stated. "I loved everything up there on campus and it's close to home, so I felt that was the best move to make for myself."

"I spent all day Saturday with the coaching staff and the team and did pretty much what they did on their schedule to experience what they do on a daily basis," Diabate explained. "I learned a lot from the team in terms of how much of a family they are, how much they joke around with each other and then how they get down to business on the practice field. That's how we are at Nassau…we knew when to work and when to play. That's how you have to be on a winning team and in order to go out there and win the Big East and a National Championship we'll have to have that kind of commitment."

"They haven't decided where they want me to play, but they added me where I was comfortable and I told them MIKE linebacker," Diabate added. "That said, I'm open to playing on the outside if it helps the team, so that isn't something that I have to play. The defensive coaches really know what they're doing, the linebackers coach is a fiery guy and he played at a high level, so I know I'm going to pick up a lot from him. The entire defensive staff is trying to get the best out of you all of the time, so that's another reason that I decided I wanted to go to Syracuse."

"I enroll in classes right after I sign my letter of intent, so I'll be in spring classes and ready to play spring ball with the team."

As a sophomore at Nassau, Diabate had 94 tackles, 16 tackles for loss, three interceptions, two forced fumbles, two sacks and two defensive touchdowns.

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