Syracuse Stock Report

Syracuse fans have been asking where the program stands with the final prospects on the list for a few weeks, so we took some time to take a look at the final board and try to give a realistic breakdown of where these seniors may be looking.

Robert Trudo, OG Farrell

Trudo does have an official visit set up to Michigan and he will take that official visit, but after talking to him for several months (even before his commitment) and at the Chesapeake Bowl, I'm completely confident that his interest level in the Wolverines is minimal at best. BUY

Ishaq Williams, DE Abraham Lincoln

Williams continues to be the top target for Syracuse fans and frankly, trying to decode what's going on in his corner is just about impossible right now. We can go off of what hat his father is wearing or whose student directory has his address listed, but the fact is, no one knows but him right now. HOLD

Keith Baxter, S Homestead

Baxter is currently committed to Marshall, but when we last spoke with him it really sounded like he was leaning toward a switch to Syracuse and that's what I'm expecting before signing day. BUY

Kevin McReynolds, DT St. John's College

McReynolds has several other schools in the picture and while I had to pick one school in my Northeast Stock Report, the truth of the matter is he's playing things very close to the chest, so while I think the Orange have a very good shot here, things are far from over with McReynolds. HOLD

Shutang Mungwa, S Bergen Catholic

Mungwa is currently committed to Stanford and is waiting for admissions to clear his application which is taking a bit longer than I would have expected it to. It would nice to be a fly on the wall in Palo Alto right at this point, but for now it's a wait and see type of thing. Shoe gets a double rank. HOLD/BUY

Brandon Reddish, WR Fort Hamilton

All of the information we've gotten on Reddish points to the Orange landing Reddish in the end, but the one thing that is a bit troubling is that it's just very difficult to land him on the phone to get a feel for him. Even without that though, feeling pretty confident on this one. BUY

Rayshon Williams, WR Mullen

Williams has shown interest in Syracuse, but not enough to think he's ready to come out and suit up for them. Also, they already have plenty of receiver commitments for the class, especially if Reddish steps in, so this situation looks to be a no-go. SELL

Drayton Shanks, WR Culpeper

For those who haven't seen some of the premium snippets here, it looks like Shanks may have already committed to Syracuse, however all of our attempts to validate this have been unsuccessful, so it's time to just go ahead and let the fans in on it. We can't completely confirm it, but it has been reported by more than one source that he's already in the fold. BUY

Raysean Richardson, OLB Oscar Smith

Richardson was high on the Orange early when his teammate Jaston George committed, but since then his interest has faded and we've barely heard from him, so things don't sound good in this department. SELL

Josh Grady, QB Armwood

There are already two quarterbacks in the class and when Grady didn't name Syracuse in his latest top four, Ashton Broyld was brought into the class, so that spelled the end of Grady's time with the Syracuse staff. SELL

Ritchy Desir, Travis Turner, Keeon Virgile, Trevor Ishmael, North Miami Beach

We're just going to take care of the entire North Miami Beach club in one swoop. After talking to all four of them Ishmael was the only one I got the feeling had any genuine interest in Syracuse and I doubt any will end up in Upstate New York. SELL

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